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At Amber, we’ve been working closely with Australian homeowners building or renovating their homes and gardens for over 50 years and know well that it can be both the most exciting and daunting of times. Often filled with time-consuming and challenging decisions, it is important to be able to talk with trusted experts when faced with these pressures.
To help you, we've put together a one hour, complimentary in-store design and supply consultation service, so you know exactly what to select to achieve your desired outcome with confidence. Click the link below or simply pop in and see us!


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The right tiles can completely change the look and feel of a room, while also bringing the whole space together. Our extensive range of tiles are the perfect solution to help you tackle any design challenge.

It’s the first place you go to get ready in the morning, and where you go to unwind in the evenings. Your bathroom is a special part of your home, and with some minor (or major) adjustments, you can transform your space from drab to fab in no time at all.

There are many choices available for tiling indoor and outdoor but the treatment you
get from Amber is a lifetime experience.

Choosing the best pool tiles is key. It's not just about style; it's about picking tiles that will last and ensure the safety of your family and friends. 

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Our customised one-hour complimentary consultation is an optional in-store landscape design service developed to ensure you leave with clarity and direction for your project. It’s our goal to find a look that highlights and accentuates your property’s visual appeal and creates a strong aesthetic that will marry with the internal spaces of your home and your lifestyle. 

Expert Advise

Experts Advice

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing LVP Flooring Colours for Your Home
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing LVP Flooring Colours for Your Home

Selecting the right LVP flooring colour can make or break your home's good looks! The colour you choose can transform your space and will become the foundation of your home's entire look and feel.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring is a staple...

grey hybrid flooring in living area
How Thick is LVP Flooring: Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Vinyl Plank

Browse any LVP flooring selection, and you'll see different thicknesses. The natural question is: Does it really matter how thick my LVP floors are? Turns...

timber hybrid flooring in living areas
Mastering the Art of LVP Flooring Maintenance

How To Clean LVP Flooring Efficiently

Okay, be honest – does everyday life sometimes leave your floors looking a little less than their best? From tracked-in dirt...

warm toned bathroom
The Bathroom Remodel Process

7 Steps to Your Dream Space

Does your bathroom currently feel like a time capsule from the '80s? Yellow and green tiles, oversized cabinets taking up half the room, and...

gorgeous bathroom with warm coloured mosaics as feature wall
How to Demolish a Bathroom for Renovation

Tired of staring at that cracked green toilet seat and a shower curtain covered in questionable stains? Maybe those tiles remind you of your grandma's house, but not in a good way. 

If any of this sounds familiar, demolition day is calling...

Make it Possible


Amber Has The Answer for Bathroom Renovations

Here at Amber, we have combined the latest on-trend designs and quality fixtures and fittings, leaving you spoilt for choice! Catering to a range of budgets and styles, with over 16 new and unique bathroom renovation packages to choose from, you are sure to find the Answer to your bathroom remodelling needs.


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