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Frameless Wall Mirrors

round frameless pencil edge mirror in a minimalist bathroomround frameless pencil edge mirror in a minimalist bathroom

What Are Frameless Mirrors?

The hint is in the name: frameless wall mirrors are mirrors with no frames! 

These unframed mirrors are incredibly versatile, seamlessly blending into any decor style, whether contemporary or traditional. 

Another benefit of these mirrors is that they create an illusion of space by enhancing natural light.


Does the shape of a mirror make any difference? 

Round frameless mirrors bring a touch of softness and contrast to the angular elements typically found in rooms. 

Rectangular frameless mirrors, whether placed horizontally or vertically, maximise the perception of the height or width of your living spaces, bedrooms, or bathrooms. 

The choice is yours!

For all your mirror needs, Amber has the answer! Browse our stunning mirror collection today.

FAQs About Frameless Mirrors

  • Are frameless mirrors good for bathrooms?

    They certainly are! The absence of a frame allows these mirrors to blend with any design or colour scheme for a cohesive look. They also reflect light, making your bathroom appear more spacious and bright. 

    Frameless bathroom mirrors are not just aesthetically pleasing; they're also functional, accommodating all grooming tasks. 

  • Are frameless mirrors popular?

    Modern frameless mirrors have surged in popularity in recent years. Their sleek, uncluttered design appeals to contemporary and minimalist aesthetics, making them a favoured choice for home design enthusiasts and professional interior designers. 
  • Do frameless mirrors make a room look bigger?

    Absolutely! Strategically placed frameless mirrors reflect light to make a room appear bigger and brighter. This simple but ingenious design trick adds depth and dimension without overwhelming the space.
  • Is it better to get a framed or frameless mirror?

    Choosing between a framed or frameless wall mirror is like deciding between joggers and dress shoes! Both serve the same basic purpose but give different vibes to your outfit or, in this case, your room. It comes down to personal preference. 

    Quality frameless mirrors are minimal in design, fitting easily into any decor style without adding extra visual weight.

    On the other hand, framed mirrors can act as a statement piece, adding character to a room. The frame can complement the existing decor and make the mirror look like a work of art.

  • How do you secure a frameless mirror to the wall?

    1. Gather materials: You'll need mirror clips or brackets, wall anchors, a level, a drill, screws, a measuring tape, and a pencil.
    2. Measure and mark: Hold the mirror against the wall to determine its desired hanging height and location. With a pencil, mark on the wall where the top and bottom corners sit. Then, measure the distance between the hanging points on the back of the mirror. Next, transfer these measurements to the wall, using the pencil marks you made for the top and bottom corners as reference points. 
    3. Attach wall anchors: Drill holes for wall anchors at the marked locations. Ensure the anchors are appropriate for your wall type and use the correct drill bit size.
    4. Install mirror clips or brackets: Screw the mirror clips or brackets into the wall anchors. These will support the mirror's weight.
    5. Secure the mirror: Carefully lift the mirror and slide it onto the clips or brackets. It should sit level and snug against the wall.
    6. Double-check: Make sure the mirror is securely attached to the wall by gently tugging on it.

    Remember to follow safety precautions and, if necessary, seek assistance from a professional for installation, especially for larger or heavier mirrors.

  • Are frameless mirrors cheaper?

    A mirror's cost can vary significantly based on size, design, and material quality. 

    However, quality frameless mirrors can be more cost-effective than their framed counterparts because they require less material and craftsmanship.



Elevate your home with frameless mirrors

Mirrors are a must-have in home decor, going beyond their functional purpose of assisting with personal grooming to add brightness and beauty to any space.

At Amber, we offer a diverse range of high-quality mirrors that prioritise quality and visual appeal for fantastic value for money.

For help picking the best modern frameless mirrors for your home, contact us by filling in the online form or find your nearest store's location and phone number here.


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