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Granite Pavers in Australia

Granite Pavers

Granite pavers are the ideal modern addition to any property, immediately elevating patios, pool areas and outdoor dining with simplistic design and durable, textured functionality capable of weathering any environment. Granite stones are a classic choice for many Australian households thanks to their stylish appearance and low-maintenance care, making them look great without significant upkeep.


At Amber, we stock a range of different options for outdoor granite flooring. Whether you're planning to upgrade an existing outdoor space with new paving or you have landscaping plans, our selection includes the ideal option for you. Browse our range of granite paving stones online now, or read on to learn about installing and caring for this aesthetically pleasing type of paving.




Featured Granite Pavers

Granite provides a touch of high-end style to any indoor or outdoor space. Both practical and pretty, these unique tiles attract attention for their simplistic design, luxurious feel and unique texture. If you prefer cool-toned colours and modern design, granite is ideal for poolside relaxation, outdoor seating areas or contemporary pathways. Our featured collection includes the following:

Granite FAQs

Have questions about Granite Pavers? Amber has the answer. 


  • How do you clean granite pavers?

    Granite is a hard-wearing and practical material, making it well-suited for outside purposes. However, like any other natural stone, you need to take care with the products you use to keep granite pavers looking their best. For day-to-day maintenance, there's no need to use chemicals at all – simply ensuring your tiles are swept with a brush to remove surface dirt, debris, and leaves is an effective way to keep things clean and clear.

    When a deeper clean is needed, using granite-specific cleaning products is helpful to remove dirt, grime and discolouration. A pH-neutral cleaner is an ideal choice for gently mopping your granite paving every other week to restore its shine and colour. Pressure washing is also a practical choice for granite as it's a hard stone, but avoiding the joints between stones is essential to prevent damage or degradation.

  • How do you lay granite pavers?

    Granite paving is installed similarly to most other types of pavers. To start, you'll need to either remove existing paving or dig down between 2-4 inches to excavate a level surface for your paving stones. Once you’ve reached the required depth, a layer of gravel is used for stability and drainage. A layer of sand is then placed on top of the gravel and pressed down, creating the surface for laying your pavers.

    At this point, you can place your pavers in the pattern or layout you’ve decided on or move your pavers around to figure out which technique you like best. Depending on your choice of configuration or other factors, such as the shape of your paving or the design of your pool, you may need to cut pavers down to size. Finally, sand is poured on your pavers and spread into the cracks between them, finalising your paved area.

  • How much does it cost to install granite pavers?

    The cost of installing granite depends on numerous factors. For example, if you choose to install pavers yourself, your highest costs will be the materials and equipment required for excavation, compacting and installing the base layers underneath your pavers. If you plan to hire professionals, the labour cost will depend on the job's complexity, the number of pavers to be installed and other factors such as the difficulty of installation.

    The cost to install pavers is also affected by the product's price. Granite is a valuable and highly sought-after material, and you can invest in a high-end product to create a specific look. Your choice of granite paving stones will affect the overall price for installation, which is an essential consideration if you're working to a budget.

  • Questions About Granite Pavers?

    Want to know more about granite pavers? Amber can help. Our friendly and knowledgeable team has the expertise to advise which tiles fit you and your landscaping plans best. From total renovations to brand-new installations, we can help you pick the best pavers for your needs. Contact us directly to find out more. Or browse our granite paving stones online today to discover the perfect option for your pool, patio or outdoor dining area.
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