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Mosaic Tiles // Amber

Shop All Mosaic Tiles 

Amber's exquisite range of mosaic tiles will add an artistic flair to any space. Whether you're transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary or creating an outdoor haven, don't just tile it; mosaic it!

What Are Mosaic Tiles? 

A tile is classified as a mosaic if it's small, typically no larger than five centimetres, and combined with similar tiles to create surface patterns or images.

Mosaic tiles are made from glass, ceramic, stone, or porcelain in various colours, patterns, and textures. 

You can use these tiles on your floors, walls, backsplashes, patios and pools.

The use of mosaic tiles in building design is not new.

They were prominent in Roman and Byzantine architecture, adorning floors and walls of villas, churches, and public buildings. 

Mosaic tiles experienced a revival during the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, featuring in designs that emphasised craftsmanship and natural motifs. 

Today, the rich history of mosaic tiles, along with their durability and visual appeal, make them a sought-after choice for adding a touch of artistry to modern spaces.

Have questions about Mosaic Tiles? Amber has the answer. 

What Sizes of Mosaic Tiles Are Sold? 

Mosaic tiles generally range from one to five centimetres in length and width. 

At Amber, our mosaic tiles measure 25mm x 25mm individually and come on a 315mm x 315mm slab. 

What Patterns of Mosaic Tiles Are Available? 

Herringbone: Rectangular mosaic tiles arranged in a zigzag pattern add a sense of movement to a space.
Penny round: These circular tiles are perfect for a retro vibe.
Hexagonal: Six-sided tiles provide a modern and geometric aesthetic.
Chevron: Parallelogram-shaped tiles arranged in a V shape create a dynamic effect.
Fan or fish scales: These curved tiles are popular for Art Deco, coastal, and contemporary styles.

Is Mosaic Flooring Cheaper Than Tiles?

Costs of mosaic flooring vary based on materials and the complexity of the pattern.

However, mosaic floor tiles tend to be more expensive than standard tiles due to the intricacy of designs and the labour involved in the installation. 

Is Mosaic Tile Harder To Install? 

Mosaic tiles are generally harder to install than larger, standard tiles because their small size requires more precision and attention to detail during installation.

If the mosaic tiles are mounted on a mesh-backed slab, the installation process is easier than installing individual small tiles. However, accuracy is still needed to achieve proper alignment and spacing between the slabs.

Do You Need a Backing for Mosaic Tiles?

A backing is essential for mosaic tiles to ensure proper adhesion and support. 

Often, mosaic tiles come pre-attached to a mesh backing that simplifies installation. If not, install your mosaics over a sturdy substrate such as cement backer board to prevent tile cracking or shifting.


 Do You Want Help with Mosaic Tiles? 

If you’re wondering where to buy mosaic tiles, contact Amber today or find your nearest store here.

With a range of colours available, Amber has the answer for mosaic tiles to fit your design vision. 

We’ll help you choose the perfect mosaic pool tile or mosaic floor tile and offer installation tips and advice on the best tile care products.



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