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Shop All Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads bring luxury and relaxation to your shower routine, delivering a soothing spray that feels like standing under a gentle rain. 

Amber's range includes various styles and finishes, so you're sure to find the perfect rain showerhead to upgrade your bathroom. 

What Are Rain Showerheads?

Rain or rainfall showerheads are designed to mimic the feeling of standing in the rain. They're usually larger than traditional showerheads and are installed directly above the head, often from the ceiling or via an extended arm from the wall. 

These showerheads offer a moderate, drenching water flow that covers a wider area than standard showerheads. The result? A more relaxing and rejuvenating shower experience. 

At Amber, our rain-style showerheads feature high-quality construction and efficient water flow, with a range of spray patterns and adjustable settings. 

We have solid brass options with classic chrome or industrial gunmetal finishes.

Some of our showerheads are slim in profile- only 10mm! These uber-sleek and sophisticated overhead showerheads are available in brushed tiger bronze and champagne to suit various bathroom styles.

Browse our range of modern-style showerheads in rainfall and other designs to find the perfect one to enhance your bathroom. 

FAQs About Rain Showerheads

  • Are Rainfall Showerheads Better?

    A rainfall showerhead is better than other showerheads for a more immersive and soothing shower experience that’s ideal for unwinding. They provide a gentle rain-like spray, covering a larger area than traditional showerheads. 

    However, the "better" choice ultimately depends on personal preference and specific needs, as some people may prefer the more targeted water pressure of conventional showerheads.
  • What Is a Rain Showerhead Called?

    A rain showerhead is commonly known as a rainfall showerhead. This name emphasises its design to simulate the feeling of standing in a soft rain with a wide, even flow of water.

  •  Why Do People Like Rain Showerheads?

    People enjoy rain showerheads for the spa-like experience they provide, with their gentle water pressure covering a wide area. 

    If you value comfort and a touch of indulgence in your daily routine, this type of showerhead is for you!

  •  Are Waterfall Showerheads Worth It?

    Waterfall showerheads range in cost based on brand, material, and design features. Some models can be more affordable, while others, especially those with high-end materials or advanced features, can be more expensive.  

    Waterfall showerheads are a worthwhile investment for a unique and sensory shower experience. They differ slightly from rain showerheads by providing a cascading flow that resembles a natural waterfall. This design creates a powerful yet calming water stream, offering both aesthetic appeal and a spa-like feeling in the shower.

  • Which Is Better, a Round or Square Rain Showerhead?

    The choice between a round or square rain showerhead largely depends on personal preference and the design aesthetic of your bathroom, as both types function similarly.

    Round showerheads often provide a more traditional look and a softer spray pattern. On the other hand, square showerheads offer a more modern appearance and typically deliver a more uniform water distribution.

 Rain Showerheads: The Downpour of Luxury in Your Bathroom

Don't just shower; indulge daily thanks to the affordable luxury Amber's rain showerheads provide.


Browse our range of high-quality showerheads in rainfall and other designs online today, and then visit a showroom near you to check out the range in person. Our team of bathroom experts will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, please fill in this online form if you have any questions.


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