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Limestone Tiles

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Limestone is a natural stone honed by the earth. This building material is steeped in history and is still popular today. Use limestone tiles to add a touch of timeless sophistication to your space. 


What Are Limestone Tiles?

The history of limestone as a building material goes back thousands of years, with evidence of its use in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Many of the world's most iconic structures, such as the Parthenon and the great pyramids, prominently feature limestone.

Limestone tiles are made from sedimentary rock formed from the remains of marine organisms like coral or shells. 

These tiles are quarried, cut into slabs, and then cut into the desired size. The surface can then be honed or polished to create a smooth, shiny finish or tumbled for a more natural, rustic feel.

In home and commercial design, limestone floor tiles are popular, as they provide a luxurious and durable surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

The natural beauty and varying textures and colours of limestone make it ideal for creating an organic, earthy feel in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Limestone wall tiles especially make a statement on countertops and backsplashes. 

Thanks to its resistance to weathering (when properly sealed), you can use limestone tiles outdoors on patios, walkways, and pool surrounds.


 Limestone Tiles FAQs

  • What Sizes Are Available for Limestone Tiles?

    Square wall and limestone floor tiles are available in these sizes:

    Standard rectangular wall and floor tile sizes include 

    The exact sizes available will vary by manufacturer and retai

  • What Colours Are Available for Limestone Tiles?

    Limestone tiles come in a range of natural hues due to the varied mineral composition of the stone, including

    1. Cream
    2. Black
    3. Blue
    4. Brown
    5. Grey
    6. Sand
    7. Terracotta
    8. White

    Limestone is a natural product, so the colours vary from tile to tile, adding to the stone's unique appeal.

  • Can Limestone Tiles Enhance a Living Room?

    Limestone tiles can certainly elevate the aesthetic of a living room. Their inherent charm and classic quality add a touch of sophistication, while their organic textures bring an element of nature indoors. 

    With the diverse palette of earthy colours, limestone tiles can complement various design schemes, whether you're aiming for a traditional, rustic, or contemporary look.

    Beyond the visual appeal, limestone tiles also have practical benefits. Their durability means they can withstand the demands of a busy family room, making them a long-lasting flooring option. 

    Plus, limestone's natural thermal properties make it comfortable underfoot, a welcome feature during cooler months.

    Each limestone tile is unique, which means your living room floor will have a distinctive character, setting it apart from the standard uniformity of manufactured flooring. 

  •  How Long Do Limestone Tiles Last Outdoors?

    The longevity of limestone tiles outdoors depends on the quality of the stone, the installation process, the local climate, and how well the tiles are maintained. 

    Limestone is a porous material, so you must seal your tiles to protect them from moisture and staining. 

    Regularly cleaning your tiles will also help them look good for longer. We recommend using our Doodle bug cleaner with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner like Amberclean

    When installed properly and maintained regularly, outdoor limestone tiles can last for decades, even up to 50 years.

  • Do You Want Help Finding the Perfect Limestone Tiles?

    Limestone is a stunning and strong material that has been used in construction for centuries.

    If you're ready to bring the beauty of limestone tiles into your home or business, you need to speak to the experts at Amber. 

    Our team will help you choose the perfect limestone tiles from our collection and offer advice on installation and tiling products for a flawless finish.

    Contact Amber today or find your nearest store here.

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