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Lappato Tiles in Australia

Lappato Tiles in Australia

If you are looking for a unique finish for your tiles, lappato is the perfect porcelain option for you. Their huge versatility means they make great flooring and wall tiles, and can be used not only in living rooms but also bathrooms, kitchens and more. These tiles are only partly polished and therefore boast a lot of the benefits of both matte and gloss finish tiles, making them ideal for a huge range of rooms and areas. They have a unique, semi-polished effect and play gently with the light where it is reflected to create a wonderful, mesmerising sheen that could become a subtle highlight to your room.





Lappato Tiles FAQs

  • What are lappato tiles?

    Lappato floor tiles are a kind of tile that is unique in the style in which they are polished. 

    The technique that is applied to lappato tiles is to glaze them but then only partially polish them. This means that they have a pattern of partly glossy and partly matte style finishes. 

    They are sometimes known as semi-polished and fall between the categories of polished tiles and matte tiles, so are the perfect option if you can't decide!

    <h3>What are lappato finish tiles?</h3>

    Lappato finish tiles are a style of tile which are glazed and then only partially polished to create a unique effect that falls somewhere between matte and polished tiles. 

    This means they are less shiny than entirely polished tiles but have a kind of sheen to them that matte tiles are missing.

    The lappato finish is sometimes known as honed, and has the benefits of both matte and gloss tiles. 

    They are usually made of porcelain and the mixture of polished and matte creates an overall soft matte effect. This is a unique finish which means that some areas catch the light and result in a delicate, light sheen.

  • How do you clean lappato tiles?

    Benefitting from the qualities of matte tiles, lappato tiles don't have to be cleaned daily to maintain a smart appearance. 

    This is because they don't show dirt, water or soap stains easily. 

    For this reason, lappato tiles can be easier to keep clean than matte tiles which have more grooves and pores where bacteria can get stuck.

  • Are lappato tiles slippery?

    Since lappato tiles are not fully gloss-finished due to only being partially polished, they are less slippery than gloss tiles. 

    This makes them a better alternative for use in bathrooms and wetrooms where they may regularly be exposed to water. 

    There is increased friction from lappato tiles compared to fully-polished tiles, meaning bare feet and footwear can grip to the tiles more easily.

    In this way, they retain one of the main benefits of matte tiles, giving you the best of both worlds.

    For the best chance of avoiding accidents or mishaps due to slippery surfaces, lappato tiles are a good choice. 

    Of course, there is still a chance that water can make them more slippery but they have more grip in general than a fully polished tile so should be considered from a safety perspective.

  • Do lappato tiles need sealing?

    Sealing is a process that is required for very porous materials such as natural stone tiles which can easily collect bacteria and other substances. 

    This can lead to issues and so any material which has a significant level of pores needs to be sealed. 

    Lappato, however, does not generally require this treatment, as is the case with fully polished tiles. 

    This means that lappato tiles are not only stylish but also easy to maintain and efficient since once they are in place, there is no need to maintain them with sealant every year. 

    Simply clean down your tiles and they should stay fresh, clean and safe.

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