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Terrazzo Look Tiles

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiling is a great way to revive your space thanks to its creativity and originality. Terrazzo is a very versatile material created from precast marble chippings embedded in a base of cement. This is what gives it that mosaic look true to its origin in the 16th century. Its extreme durability makes it an excellent addition to your residential homes or commercial spaces.

The versatility of terrazzo means it can be used in a number of ways, including as general interior flooring, on kitchen countertops, for bathroom flooring and sink countertops, and as cladding.

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Terrazzo Tiles FAQ's

Do you have questions about Terrazzo Tiles? Amber has the answer.

  • What are terrazzo tiles?

    Terrazzo tiles are usually made up of tiny pieces of granite, marble, glass and quartz, as well as cement. 

    These materials are all combined using precast moulds before being cured. They are then polished and shaped to create beautiful terrazzo tiles.

  • Are terrazzo tiles on trend?

    Despite being around for centuries, over the past two years, terrazzo has burst onto the interior design scene and remained a favourite ever since. 

    This is likely due to more affordable alternatives coming onto the market, meaning terrazzo is no longer the reserve of high-end projects. 

    Plus, terrazzo tiles are very sustainable, and due to growing concerns about climate change, it's understandable that homeowners and designers are looking for more eco-friendly choices.

    Did you know that Terrazzo was actually used as far back as the Roman Empire? 

    You can still find it in museums and palaces around the world, including the Louvre in Paris and Buckingham Palace in the UK.

  • Are terrazzo tiles hard to clean?

    When it comes to cleaning terrazzo tiles, the good news is that they are naturally resistant to stains. 

    However, they can still be damaged if they are not properly maintained. 

    To keep your terrazzo tiles in good condition, make sure you:

    • Sweep the floor every day or at least once a week to remove any dirt that accumulates on top of the surface. This will help prevent scratches and other damage to your tiles.
    • Clean any stains immediately after they happen so that you can avoid permanent damage to your tiles. A damp cloth should be used for this.
    • Use a gentle soap when cleaning terrazzo tiles because harsh chemicals can scratch the surface. Just make sure that you rinse them thoroughly afterwards to remove any slippy residue.
    • If there is dirt or food stuck on your terrazzo tiles,
  • Is terrazzo cheaper than marble?

    While the price of your tile project will depend on factors such as the number of tiles you need, the design you choose and the size of the space you're tiling, terrazzo tends to be cheaper than marble. 

    This is largely down to the materials terrazzo tiles are made from, which, in general, are cheaper than solid marble.

    However, while terrazzo tiles will last a long time when well looked after, marble is considered more durable, so while the upfront cost of marble tiles will be higher, this may work out the cheaper option in the long run. 

    Either way, both options offer a lot of benefits, so it largely comes down to your budget and design preferences.

  • How long does terrazzo last?

    Due to their durability, terrazzo tiles, in theory, should last a long time, many years. 

    Due to its makeup of solid materials and recycled aggregates, terrazzo is a composite material and has been manufactured with all of the functionality of numerous solid materials combined.

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