Are you building your dream pool or giving your tired pool a much-needed makeover?

Choosing the best pool tiles is key. It's not just about style; it's about picking tiles that will last and ensure the safety of your family and friends. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through choosing the perfect pool and pool area tiles from the Amber range to create a safe and stylish backyard oasis.


contemporary swimming pool with grey marble pavers


The Importance of Quality in Pool and Around Pool Tiles 

Investing in high-quality tiles is essential for a safe outdoor space you and your family can enjoy for years to come. 


Quality pool and pool area tiles can withstand the effects of pool chemicals and extreme weather conditions, making them less likely to crack, fade, or become slippery over time. Such tiles don't need frequent repairs or replacements, saving you time and money in the long run.

Tiles resistant to constant water exposure and chemicals are also less likely to grow ugly and health-hazardous algae and bacteria. Additionally, the right tiles will provide a non-slip surface around your pool, reducing the risk of slips and falls. 


Slip-Resistant Options for Wet and Dry Zones

Speaking of non-slip, here's what you need to know about selecting tiles that offer the best grip in wet and dry outdoor areas. 

For wet zones, tiles with a textured surface offer better grip and traction underfoot than those with smoother, polished finishes.

In terms of materials, porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular for their slip resistance and durability. For added safety, consider matte or textured finishes.

Slip resistance is still important for dry zones, like your poolside lounging area. While these areas may not be as prone to constant wetness, occasional splashes can still occur. 

Again, you can choose porcelain or ceramic tiles with a slight texture or matte finish. Or, consider natural stone tiles. 

Many natural stone tiles have a textured surface, which provides natural slip resistance. As natural stone is known for its strength, it can also withstand occasional splashes of water and the general wear and tear of outdoor environments. Just keep in mind that some natural stone tiles may need sealing to enhance water resistance and prevent staining. 


Matching Pool Tiles With Surrounding Areas 

For a visually appealing, cohesive transition from your pool to your deck or patio, thoughtfully coordinate the tiles in these areas.

Here are some ways you can do this.

  1. Colour coordination: Select a colour palette that complements both areas. For instance, if your pool tiles are light blue, consider beige or light grey pool area tiles.
  2. Material and textural consistency: Using the same or similar materials for the pool and the surrounding area will help blend the two spaces. Textural consistency also helps. So, if you use a natural stone pool tile like travertine, consider the same or a similar stone for around pool tiles.
  3. Size and pattern consistency: If your pool uses large rectangular tiles, continue with tiles of the same shape and size on your deck or patio.
  4. Unified elements: Incorporate design elements like matching or similar accent coping (tiles used to cover the upper edge of a pool wall) that extends into the surrounding area.
  5. Gradual transition: If you prefer distinct tiles for your pool and surrounding areas, create a gradual transition. You could use a border of neutral-coloured tiles between the two areas or blend two styles using a mosaic pattern that combines elements of both tile types.
  6. Practical considerations: Ensure that all tiles used are slip-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Functionality should go hand in hand with aesthetics.


modern swimming pool


Types of Tiles for Pools and Deck Areas 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are highly durable and less porous than other tile options, making them ideal for your pool and surrounding areas. They're also easy to keep clean.

Porcelain tiles come in various colours and styles, including designs that mimic natural stone or wood. These options can be more cost-effective and practical than natural materials.

For pools, light-coloured porcelain tiles can brighten the water's appearance, while darker shades create a lagoon-like effect.


Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are versatile, cost-effective, and also available in many designs and colours. They're best suited for pool surrounds rather than inside pools due to their slightly higher porosity. 

Bright and bold colours can make outdoor areas more vibrant, while softer tones offer a more subtle, relaxing ambience.


Glass Tiles

Glass tiles, like mosaics, are especially popular in pools as their reflective qualities make pool water shimmer. 

Light blue mosaics in a pool create a bright, tropical look and make the water appear crystal clear and inviting. In contrast, dark blue mosaics offer a deeper, more dramatic look, resembling the depths of the ocean.

Mosaic tiles around a pool add visual interest and texture for a sophisticated, artistic look. This choice can create a cohesive look when the mosaic tile matches or complements the pool's mosaics.


Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles, like marble, travertine, and limestone, are highly suitable in and around pools. They can withstand outdoor conditions and frequent water exposure, while their textured surface provides grip underfoot.

Around a pool, natural stone tiles' unique, organic appearance seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscapes. And in a pool, they give the water a subtle, tranquil colour.

Natural stone tiles are available in earthy browns, warm beiges, cool greys, and rich charcoals. Each colour creates a different atmosphere, from the warmth and rustic charm of browns to the sleek, modern elegance of light and dark greys.


contemporary swimming pool with blue stone pavers


Showcasing Amber’s Premium Selection of the Best Tiles for Pool Surrounds and Pools

At Amber, our pool and outdoor tiles are both functional and beautiful. They're crafted for durability and slip resistance, ensuring long-term safety around wet areas. And when it comes to style, the choices are endless! 

For materials, choose from

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine

Then, have fun choosing your tile shape, size, colour, and finish.  

We have colours to suit a range of design styles, such as contemporary, Hamptons, Mediterranean, and minimalist. 

These colours include

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Charcoal

Our extensive pool and outdoor tile collection offers you the flexibility to design an outdoor sanctuary that ties together your home's indoor style with the natural beauty of the outdoors. 


swimming pool with travertine pavers



FAQs About the Best Pool Tiles

  • What Type of Tile Is Best for Swimming Pools?

    The best pool tile is one that excels insafety and resistance to weather and pool chemicals. 

    Porcelain tiles are often recommended because of their slip-resistant properties and ability to withstand constant exposure to water, sun, and chemicals without fading or deteriorating. 

    Natural stone tiles are also durable and slip-resistant, thanks to their textured surface.

    Ultimately, the best choice will come down to your personal style and safety preferences.

  • What Pool Tiles Look Best?

    The best-looking pool tiles depend on personal style and the outdoor space's overall design, whether vibrant and modern or understated and timeless.

    Glass tiles are favoured for their aesthetic appeal, giving pool water a luxurious, shimmering effect. 

    Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing for customisation. 

    Natural stone tiles bring an organic, earthy look and blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. 

    When considering pool tile colours, it’s important to know how certain hues will impact the water's appearance. 

    • Light blues and greens create a refreshing, tropical vibe and make the water appear super clear. 
    • Darker colours like navy or black give depth and sophistication, often making the water look more serene.
    • Emerald green and earthy beige and sand tones produce a mystical, lagoon-like effect.
  • What Pool Tile Lasts the Longest?

    Porcelain tiles are generally considered the most long-lasting option for pool tiles, maintaining their appearance and functionality over many years. Their low porosity and robust composition make them highly resistant to wear and tear, weather conditions, and pool chemicals. 

Seamless Elegance With Amber’s Pool and Pool Area Tiles

Choosing the right tiles for your pool and its surrounding areas is essential for an outdoor space where you can unwind without worrying about the safety of your family and friends.

Plus, the right tiles can beautifully tie your indoor and outdoor spaces together, making your home a stunning sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment.

Need help picking the perfect tiles for your place? 

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