Kitchen Tiles

Most of the time, a kitchen is not a peaceful and serene place. Kitchens are full of energy, heat, conversations, scents, sounds, tastes and plenty of activity. For many people, it’s the centre of the home – a place full of memories and experiences. It’s where mothers prepare their children’s favourite dishes, where friends come over to bake some cookies together, and where family get-togethers start.

Contemporary lifestyles lead to different and novel uses for kitchens. Some people eat, watch TV, welcome guests, and run their online business in their kitchen. A kitchen, in short, is far more than just a place where meals are cooked.

If the interior design of a house or flat has an impact on the mood of the people who live there, then a favourable kitchen design must also have a positive effect on the chef’s emotions, and consequently, the people who enjoy the food. There are several components that contribute to positive surroundings in the kitchen, everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. Here at Amber, we offer a wide range of kitchen tiles, cobbles, and cladding for the type of comforting surfaces you’re looking for. Our tiles come in 3 categories: porcelain and ceramic, natural stone, and our feature tiles.

Hardwearing, enduring, stain resistant and easy to maintain – Amber’s porcelain and ceramic tiles are among our most popular for all kinds of kitchens. We offer over 30 kinds of porcelain and ceramic tiles that can fit beautifully with the rest of your kitchen surfaces and decorations.

For example, our Resort Porcelain is a modern and simple tile design that, as its name suggests, can transform your home kitchen into a resort kitchen. It has a vibrant concrete look with a texture of glazed porcelain that comes in 3 different colours: Dark, Grey, and Pearl.

In other cases, if you’re into that warm and casual rustic look, La Roche can manage it for you. La Roche is designed to sit naturally on the kitchen, living room, bathroom or even terrace floor, as it gives out that inviting and mystical sensation that goes well with any type of activity. The design appears in 4 colours: Blanc, Mud, Ecru, and Grey. These porcelain and ceramic tiles are not only pleasing to the eyes but also very easy to clean, so rest assured that these tiles can stay sparklingly clean with even with daily use, for as long as you like.

Another alternative for your kitchen floor could be natural stone tiles. Stones are known for their classic and timeless aesthetic, so you can place them in your house and don’t ever need to worry about catching up with the trends anymore.

Like porcelain and ceramic, natural stone tiles are equally hardwearing and easy to maintain, but what’s more, is that each stone tile has its own little design. The veins and colours of each tile vary slightly due to the unpredictable patterns of nature. When placed together, the squares of these slightly different tiles create a vibrant atmosphere that lights up the whole area.

Our stone tile collections have 7 varieties of natural stone tiles to make all your dream house designs come true. One of our popular stone tiles is Travertine, which brings a natural effect that can add lavish prominence to your kitchen overall. Explore all 6 colours of Travertine: Ancient Mix, Premium Classic Tumbled, Crema Grigio, Platinum, Premium Classic Honed and Filled, and Tuscany – and opt for the one that brightens your cooking space the most!

For a more elaborate kitchen design, take a look at our feature tiles. Each of these is made of high-quality materials like glass, marble and porcelain to add a sweet touch of personality to any of your rooms. Embedded mosaics are a subtle way to add some colour to your kitchen walls, so Amber has come up with a Mosaic collection that offers 3 distinct finishes: Ceramic, Glass, and Metallic. We also have 6 other collections as part of our feature tile category, each of which is suitable for various usages and styles. All are built to last, with timeless materials and design.

If you want to go on an extra mile, cobble flooring is another appealing alternative. Cobblestones are blessed for their extreme durability, so no scratches or dents will harm the stone’s cooling surface under most conditions. Moreover, cobbles are able to give your kitchen a distinctive sensation because of their unique texture, while their long lifespan is sure to save you some maintenance cost over the long run.

Amber’s Quartzite cobbles boast a non-slip property that can be beneficial as you move around the kitchen, while their water resistance feature also blocks mould and mildew from growing. The versatility of this stone, therefore, allows you to use the same material when decorating your outdoor kitchen as well.

Furthermore, cladding is popular for a similar reason. Incorporating stone wall cladding to your kitchen promotes both the room’s qualities of aesthetics and durability. Amber’s Stackstone is crafted from the best materials, as are our 3 other cladding collections – each available on our website and in our stores.

With the kitchen so essential for all kinds of home activities, you might want to take some time pondering which type of tiles are best suited for your kitchen floor and walls. At Amber Tiles, we have over 40 years of experience, working to meet all kinds of customer needs. Our products continue to get better and better, and we haven’t stopped searching for the best materials in the market – whether for pool pavers, artificial grass, retaining walls, stone floors, or kitchen tiles. In Australia or overseas, we always keep up with the growing trends in walling and flooring, and that’s why we’re confident in our products and eager to be one of the very finest kitchen tile suppliers on the market.

All tile collections are available on our website. Alternatively, you can stop by at one of our stores and consult with our team experts, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Whatever tiles you choose for your kitchen floor and walls, Amber will be at your service and ready to help.

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