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The Fyshwick Tiles store has been operating out of Canberra since it opened in 1988. It remains one of the largest selection displays of outdoor tile and pavers in all of the ACT. Here, we stock only the latest in tile designs for indoor and outdoor, the most reliable pavers and natural stone, and the leading designs for retaining walls. When you visit the Fyshwick tile stores Canberra based, you'll find it is full of tiles-experts that have the tiles you need and you’ll always find what you’re looking for. With a team of industry professionals who can give you valuable advice about the design and manufacture types you and your property need, you’ll never go wrong with a home renovation project again. Read more about the tiles available at Amber Fyshwick Tiles and where you can find us in store and online.

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When it comes to the leading tiles in the industry, Amber is the supplier to trust. Not only do we manufacture and stock stiles to a high standard of durability and performance but we stay current with the latest in design trends and interior aesthetics. Here, we stock three pillar varieties of tiles at Fyshwick: porcelain/ceramic, natural stone, and feature. Each is available in a collection of colours, sizes, and fixtures. We believe in the versatility of tile and love to recommend you the ideal combination to fit your home renovation project in any room. If you’re looking for tiles in the Fyshwick area, look no further than Amber Fyshwick tiles – the leading tiles store in Canberra, supplying top-quality tiles for home renovation projects for the last three decades. See below the different types of tiles Fyshwick residents can rely on and tile accessories we have in stock at Amber Fyshwick tiles store.

Bathroom tiles

Any bathroom tile needs to meet key criteria: they must be water-resistant, non-porous, tough, and durable. Our tiles are tested rigorously to ensure they meet these demands and can hold up in their performance in your bathroom. To give your bathroom an inviting and clean feeling, choose the Alba Bianco tile Fyshwick – available in both matte and grip - offering your room a sense of modernity and luxury.


To achieve that perfect consistency and complement your bathroom tiles, consider also choosing Amber Fyshwick for your bathroomware. We stock reliable and cohesive designs to give your bathroom the touch of interior design both you and it deserve. Our bathroomware is top-quality and available in a wide range of exclusive designs from metallic golds to polished chrome, matte blacks to luxurious creams.

Floor tiles

Fyshwick based Your floor sees a lot of traffic – often more than you realise. This is why choosing the cheaper, lower-quality option can be so damaging to your home. The floor tiles in your house need to be of good quality and toughness so that they can perform their job and withstand the constant pressure on their surface from walking, heavy objects and cleaning. Our floor tiles Fyshwick can do just that.

Pool tiles

Fyshwick swimmers will love Swimming pools have some of the greatest demands from their tiles due to the constant water contact, bacterial mitigation, and temperature control. Available in three luxurious and stunning colours, Amber pool tiles Fyshwick ACT are manufactured with a low porosity and high moisture-resistance, making them the ideal choice for tiling your swimming pool. Choose between Azul gloss, Bianco gloss, and gorgeous turquoise.

Outdoor tiles & Pavers

To withstand and perform well even in the Australian climate and weather, outdoor tiles and pavers need to be made from strong materials, manufactured with longevity and low maintenance in mind. At Amber Fyshwick, you’ll find a wide range of outdoor tiles and pavers in a variety of natural stone designs to give your outdoor area that pop of natural beauty.


Indoor tiles

Looking for the addition to your indoor walls that will make your room come together? At Amber Fyshwick, we have indoor tiles in a range of styles and décor possibilities. Choose from natural stone, bold block colours, traditional geometric patterns, and mini contrast tiles to decorate every room with the aesthetic that you want to see. We’re all about letting your personality shine in your home and our tiles experts can give you valuable advice about the perfect choices when it comes to indoor tiles.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are the ideal choice for adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your home. Versatile, hard-wearing, and gorgeous, retaining walls are the perfect addition because they suit any and all existing styles in your outdoor area. Working with specific dimensions? We are experts at supplying specific sizes to fit your plans. From Amber Fystick’s Freestone Eco retaining wall blocks to our Panorama Wall, there is a wide selection to make sure that you always find the product that will look most at home in your home. 


Designed for the walls of your property, wall cladding can give your home the final finish it’s looking for – both exterior and interior. Manufactured from some of the highest-quality stone collected from across the globe, Amber Fyshwick supplies cutting edge interior design supplies that will make every room perfect. We especially recommend our natural stone wall cladding to bring out the elegance of fireplaces or the luxury of swimming pools.



You can find the Amber Fyshwick tiles store just north of the B52. Turn off Canberra Avenue and onto Yallourn Street just after passing the petrol station Ampol Fyshwick. Find us in-store along Yallourn Stree between Ex-Government Furniture and National Tyre Wholesalers. There is on-street parking available opposite the store. For more help finding our Amber tiles store in Fyshwick, give us a call or search for directions from Google Maps.


Send an enquiry about our current range in stock or ask about the best solution to your home renovation. Alternatively, you can visit us in store and see our range of tiles for yourself and speak to one of our team about your Fyshwick tile needs.


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