15 Bathroom Tile Ideas & Inspiration

15 Bathroom Tile Ideas & Inspiration

Are you looking to create a blissful sanctuary in your home? A place to relax and unwind? If the answer is yes, then renovating your bathroom may be the perfect way to create your own oasis.

Remodelling your bathroom is an exciting process. From gathering inspiration to seeing the finished product, it’s an incredibly rewarding journey. To streamline the process and ensure your renovation runs seamlessly, there are certain components to factor into consideration from the get-go. It’s always a great idea to work backwards when planning a renovation, so have a chat with your contractor when you’re in your initial stages of planning, and they can advise you on timelines, budget expectations and when to order your elements and fixtures to ensure they arrive on time. 

One of the most significant parts of a bathroom remodel is the tiles. The right tiles will add that wow factor to your space, so it’s important to consider the colour, shape, size and finish of your bathroom tiles as these will all play a part in shaping the final look.  With so many bathroom tiles ideas to choose from, you’ll have the design flexibility to select a tile you love, so you can create something spectacular.

If you’re after a bright, fresh bathroom with a modern feel, then a classic white tile may be the way for you. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to establish your bathroom as a feature of the home, then you may like to choose a coloured or mosaic tile to really make a statement. 

To help you get started on your bathroom renovation journey, we’ve compiled our best tips, tricks and inspiration to help you create a bathroom you love. 

15 Bathroom Tile Ideas & Inspiration

With so many gorgeous tiles on offer, narrowing down your options can be tricky. However, to streamline this process, consider how the scale of the tile will affect the space. For example, if you have a large bathroom, large format tiles are a great option as you’ll need less of them, they are faster to install and you’ll save on labour costs too. For smaller bathrooms, opt for mid-sized tiles in white to imbue the space with light and give the illusion of a larger space. 

For those looking for the most on-trend bathroom products, ceramic tiles are currently surging in popularity, beloved for their durability, affordability and stain resistance. However, If you’re wanting something slightly more eye-catching, consider a patterned, coloured, mis-matching or iridescent tile to ensure your bathroom is the feature of the home.  

There are bathroom tiles designs and colours to suit every style, so whether you want a traditional, contemporary, coastal or industrial themed home, Amber has a tile for every style! 

 Whichever tile you choose, we recommend having your bathroom tiles fitted by a professional who can ensure a quick and streamlined process that will guarantee your bathroom’s structural and design integrity for years to come. 

Modern dark grey bathroom tile

Stone-look herringbone tile in colour Nero.

What kind of tile is best for a small bathroom?

There is no shortage of bathroom tile inspiration for small bathrooms. With so many colours, sizes and finishes available, you can have the pick of the crop!

However, ceramic tiles are commonly chosen as the best tiles for a small bathroom due to their durability, low-maintenance style, density, and endless style and design options. Porcelain tiles are also another great design choice for smaller bathroom spaces. Their materiality ensures that they are durable and hard-wearing which is ideal for a high-traffic environment like the bathroom, whilst also having a strong visual impact.

9 bathroom ideas amber tiles

What colour tile is best for the bathroom?

Colour has the potential to impact the way a space feels, its ambience and how well it will age. For bathrooms, designers often gravitate towards lighter colour palettes as this can give the impression of a space looking and feeling larger than it is. 

Whilst white is commonly used in ensuites to create the illusion of a more generous space, lighter tones are also a popular choice for larger bathrooms as they are timeless and versatile. Choosing a white or lighter coloured scheme in the bathroom also provides a blank canvas allowing you to incorporate bold tones through lush greenery and coloured towels. 

Of course, for those wanting to make a statement, dark, patterned or coloured tiles for the bathroom are a great way to add drama and create that real wow factor in your home. 

bright and light bathroom tiles

What bathroom tile is the most popular?

There are so many incredible tiles on offer at the moment, white wall tiles are undoubtedly the star of the show. White tiles elicit a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, and are such a classic style that you’ll feel confident that 10 years down the track, you’ll still love them as much as you do today.

For those wanting to add a little more drama to their bathroom, there are a few more tile trends that have forayed into the limelight recently. Most notably, decorative encaustic tile patterns have become immensely popular in homes Australia-wide, loved for their neutral yet fun prints. Japanese-style stick mosaic tiles, otherwise known as ‘kit-kat’ tiles, are also a popular choice due to their minimal yet elevated style. With their tactile finish, kit-kat tiles imbue your bathroom with a feeling of textural warmth.

amber tiles mosaic bathroom tile

What tiles are best for the bathroom?

The best tile for your bathroom is one that fits your style, budget and lifestyle. For example, if you’re renovating or retiling a bathroom in a family home, porcelain or ceramic tiles may be the best option due to their durability and capacity to withstand high foot traffic. These tiles also don’t require sealing, and are therefore incredibly practical and easy to install. 

If you’re after something more decorative, a mosaic tile is a sure way to imbue your bathroom with a feeling of luxury, the intricate tilings eliciting an almost holographic quality.

There are countless options available to you when it comes to bathroom tiles ideas, from tiles composed of vinyl to glass, travertine to linoleum, you are sure to find a tile you love with Amber’s extensive product range.

 9 bathroom ideas amber tiles mosaic

What colours make a small bathroom look bigger?

Particular bathroom tile designs and colours will give the illusion of a larger space. There are so many ways to open up your space and it’s a well-known design trick that white and light-toned colours are the best option to make a small space feel bigger. This is because white reflects the light and gives the illusion that the walls are receding, making the space look and feel roomier. With a neutral, white base, colour can then be introduced through cabinetry, towelling or decor styling pieces. 

9 bathroom ideas amber tiles

Do big tiles look good in a small bathroom?

Contrary to what you may assume, big tiles look great in smaller bathrooms. Medium to large format tiles are a great option for a smaller space due to their minimised grout lines, which can look overly busy with smaller format tiles. Bigger tiles will create fewer joints, whilst also offering a uniquely uniformed finish. 

If you’re looking for guidance on bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms, refer to our inspiration blog to peruse our image gallery. 

modern charcoal bathroom tiles white subway tile

Should your shower tile match your floor tile?

There really are no rules when it comes to matching or contrasting your shower and floor tiles. It is quite common for tile flooring to be a darker contrast to the walls, which helps to add depth and dimension to the space.

That being said, many designers and homeowners choose to match their flooring and walling to give the space a sense of cohesion and continuity. This is also a great way to make a space feel bigger. 

There are countless bathroom floor tiles ideas online, so if in doubt, have a browse through some inspiration blogs to gather ideas. 

dark moody bathroom tiles

What tiles are best for shower walls?

The best tile for shower walls is the one that you love! 

Whilst it’s best to stay true to your style, porcelain tiles are commonly regarded as being better-suited for wet areas than natural stone.

A key benefit of porcelain tiles is their non-porous, durable materiality. These tiles will remain looking and feeling fresh, whereas a natural stone alternative can require ongoing maintenance.

For those looking for a more detailed and ornate option, mosaic shower tiles are an excellent choice due to the expansive variety of colours and shapes they’re available in.

bathroom shower tiles

What colour shower tile is easiest to clean?

As bathrooms are spaces that are often wet, damp and require extra ventilation, it’s wise to consider a tile that is easy to clean and requires minimal ongoing maintenance. 

In terms of ease of cleaning you can’t go wrong when it comes to tiles, be it a natural stone, glass, vinyl, laminate or porcelain tile, all are easy to clean and require minimal ongoing sealing. If we had to choose one, our most durable, high-quality and easy to clean option would be the polished porcelain tiles. 

modern light grey bathroom tiles

Is tile on bathroom walls outdated?

Quite the contrary! Bathroom wall tiles are as popular as ever. Many of the most architecturally significant homes feature bathroom tiles, as they are both practical and aesthetically valuable.

As opposed to painted walls, tiles are immensely durable, often requiring no ongoing maintenance, painting or cleaning. Tiles can withstand a hot, humid, wet environment, and can easily be cleaned and dried afterwards. Another key benefit of tiles is their low maintenance materiality. They’re scratch-resistant, can be wiped clean and are an affordable long-term option whilst imbuing your home with a more expensive look and feel.

dark grey bathroom subway tiles textured

Is matte or glossy tile better for a shower?

Matte tiles are a great option for the shower floor due to their slip-resistance, ideal for a family bathroom. Matte tiles can also imbue your bathroom with a more rustic and natural feel. Glossy tiles are a great option for walls, including shower walls, as their reflective surface helps to make the room feel bigger, with the added benefit of being incredibly easy to clean. 

grey tone modern bathroom tiles

What is the best tile pattern for a small bathroom?

The way tiles are laid can make a significant difference to the overall feeling of the bathroom. Different patterns can change the look of a tile, allowing for a classic or decorative option with the one tile. 

Subway tiles are a great way to imbue your bathroom with sophisticated style, Whether laid vertically or horizontally, this is one pattern that is contemporarily timeless. 

Japanese-style stick mosaic tiles (kit-kat tiles) are a great way to add visual and textural intrigue to your bathroom’s design whilst maintaining a neutral palette and a classic feel. This pattern is in keeping with a broad array of design styles and due to its simplicity, it won’t be going out of trend anytime soon. 

Alternatively, hexagon tile patterns are a geometric and contemporary way to elevate your bathroom’s design. Whichever way you choose to go, consider how the tiles will pair with other design elements of your home to create seamless design continuity. 

9 bathroom ideas amber tiles


Bathroom tiles play a significant role in influencing the overall look and feel of your bathroom. 

Ultimately, the best bathroom tiles are the ones that you love, that match your purpose, style and budget. With so many incredible bathroom tiles ideas available, there’s no better time than the present to start considering how you can elevate your bathroom with some fresh new tiles. 

For guidance throughout your bathroom renovation journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of tile experts who can help you from concept through to execution. 

For inspiration for your bathroom renovation, look no further than our inspiration blog and gallery to see just how Amber tiles can transform your space. 

For the top bathroom tiles ideas 2021 and bathroom tiles ideas 2020 have a peruse through the Amber blog to gain creative momentum. 

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