Mosaic tiling is an ancient art form that originated in Mesopotamia 4000 years ago. Over the years, each culture has added to this timeless artistry.

With their diverse materials and endless mosaic tile pattern possibilities, these tiles are a continued favourite in home design.

But exactly what are mosaic tiles? They’re small tile fragments generally arranged on mesh sheets. These sheets can have tiles in a single colour and shape or various colours and shapes, resulting in a visually stunning effect.

What are mosaic tiles made of? 

  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain 

Let’s take a closer look at the material composition of mosaic tiles, highlighting their unique qualities and the advantages they can bring to your home. 


How Are Mosaic Tiles Different? 

Unlike standard tiles, mosaics consist of small tile fragments, or “tesserae”, that can form intricate freeform or geometric patterns. These mosaic patterns add instant personality to any space. 

Alternatively, mosaic tiles that are uniform in size, shape, and colour create a cohesive look that makes spaces appear well-coordinated. Their small size also allows for flexibility in design, fitting curved or irregular surfaces better than larger tiles. 


What Types of Mosaic Tiles Are Available? 

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles 

Natural stone mosaics bring the untouched beauty of nature into your home. 

They’re crafted from stones like 

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Granite

Each stone has a unique texture and colour palette that adds warmth and depth to any space, with their veining, imperfections, and earthy tones making each tile one-of-a-kind. 

Whether you're after rustic charm or a more modern aesthetic, natural stone mosaics will effortlessly deliver the look you desire. 

To make a grand impression, use natural stone mosaics for a captivating accent wall in your living room or as exquisite flooring in your entryway.

These tiles are also incredibly durable- with proper care, they can last a lifetime. 


Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaics are the epitome of contemporary elegance. Their transparency creates stunning visual effects as they reflect light. 

These tiles are available in a rich range of colours, from delicate pastels to bold, vibrant hues. And with clear, frosted, and iridescent finishes available, the results will always be uber-stylish and distinctive. 

Glass mosaic tiles are a fantastic choice for sprucing up kitchen, shower, and vanity backsplashes. 

Why? Because they’re resistant to 

  • Water
  • Stains
  • Mould
  • Mildew 


Metal Mosiac Tiles

Metal mosaic tiles are typically made from stainless steel, copper, and aluminium with high-gloss or matte finishes.

Thanks to their reflective properties, metal mosaics enhance room lighting for a brighter, more spacious feel. 

Aesthetically, these tiles produce a modern, industrial look. 

Here are some ideas for using different coloured metal mosaic tiles in your home.

  • Silver: For a sleek, edgy kitchen backsplash that complements stainless steel appliances.
  • Gold: To bring luxury and warmth to a neutral bathroom, use these for a vanity or bathtub backsplash.
  • Copper: For a fireplace surround, this colour tile will elevate the coziness of the area and reflect the dancing firelight in a dazzling display.

The practical advantages of metal mosaic tiles are plenty. They’re resilient to scratches and can withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for kitchen backsplashes exposed to heat and cooking splatter. They’re also easy to clean, with most spills and stains simply wiping away.

Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Ceramic mosaic tiles are made from clay, shaped and fired in a kiln at high temperatures. This process solidifies the clay, turning it into a strong material suitable for tiling.

The difference between glazed and unglazed ceramic mosaic tiles lies in the finish. 

Glazed ceramic tiles have a glass-like coating applied before kiln firing, resulting in a shiny, smooth surface resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture.

Unglazed tiles don’t have this coating, leaving them with a natural, matte appearance. They’re more slip-resistant but more prone to staining and water absorption.

The advantages of ceramic mosaic tiles in home design include

  • Versatility: They come in many colours, shapes, and designs to suit any style, from traditional to contemporary, country to coastal.
  • Low maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, they’re practical for high-traffic areas.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Generally more affordable than other tile materials.
  • Thermal efficiency: Ceramic retains heat well, creating a warmer space in cold seasons.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles 

Porcelain mosaic tiles are made from a type of ceramic clay that’s fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. This process makes porcelain tiles denser, less porous, and more durable.

Glazed porcelain tiles have a glass-like coating that offers various colour and design options, making them more versatile in matching home decor. This coating also makes them resistant to stains and water, ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor applications.


On the other hand, unglazed tiles retain the natural, rugged texture of porcelain, making them more slip-resistant. However, they’re more prone to staining than glazed tiles.

Additional advantages of using porcelain mosaic tiles include

  • Durability: They can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them suitable for residential and commercial spaces.
  • Long-lasting: Porcelain tiles retain their appearance for a long time, offering a long-term flooring solution.
  • Low maintenance: These tiles are easy to clean and maintain, requiring no special cleaners.

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