The Ultimate Guide to Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles 

Step up your outdoor game with non-slip tiles! 

As a homeowner, you know it's not just about choosing tiles that look good- it's about making your outdoor spaces safer, no matter the weather. Whether by the pool, on the patio, or along your walkways, the right non-slip tile is non-negotiable. 

Are you ready to transform your outdoors with Amber's non-slip outdoor tiles? We're all about merging top-notch safety with killer style. Our non-slip tile range caters to every taste, from ultra-modern to timelessly traditional. 

Start exploring now to make your outdoor dreams a reality.


Why Should I Choose Non-Slip Tiles for My Outdoor Area?

Non-slip outdoor tiles are exactly what they sound like- tiles designed to prevent slipping, especially in wet conditions. 

What features make tiles non-slip? 

  • Textured surface: These tiles have distinct textures, like raised patterns, bumps, or ridges, to create increased traction and grip underfoot
  • Special coatings: Some non-slip tiles are treated with a slip-resistant coating that enhances grip. It can be a sealant applied over the tile surface or integrated into the tile glaze.
  • Matte finish: Unlike glossy tiles, non-slip tiles usually have a matte finish to reduce the slipperiness of the surface.
  • Porosity: Non-slip tiles often have a higher porosity level, meaning they absorb more moisture and reduce the risk of standing water on the surface.

There are many benefits to choosing outdoor non-slip tiles.

  1. Safety: They reduce the risk of slips and falls, keeping you and your family safe.
  2. Weather resistant: Come rain or shine, these tiles maintain their grip.
  3. Durable: Built to last, they withstand heavy foot traffic and the harshness of outdoor elements.
  4. Low maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Style variety: Available in various designs and colours to elevate the look of your outdoor space.

How Do I Choose the Right Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles?

Keep these key factors in mind when selecting the right non-slip outdoor tiles for your place.

  • Material. Non-slip tiles come in various materials, each with unique benefits:

- Ceramic: Versatile and cost-effective, with a range of textures and designs. Suitable for moderate to low-traffic areas.

- Porcelain: Highly durable, resistant to moisture, and available in plenty of designs. Ideal for high-traffic areas.
- Natural stone: Natural slip resistance paired with natural beauty makes these tiles a smart and sophisticated choice.


  • Texture. Look for tiles with a textured surface- anything from slight bumps to more pronounced ridges for extra grip.
  • Design and colour. Choose a tile style and colour that complements your outdoor area and your home's overall aesthetic.
  • Location. Consider where you want to lay the tiles. Areas prone to wetness, like pool surrounds, need tiles with higher slip resistance than other areas, like covered patios.
    Maintenance. Think about the time and effort you're willing to invest in upkeep. For instance, porcelain tiles are less maintenance than natural stone.

Amber’s Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles

Amber's non-slip outdoor tiles are made from durable and versatile porcelain and ceramic. 

They're available in various sizes, including

  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 300mm x 600mm
  • 400mm x 600mm
  • 400mm x 800mm

Select from a spectrum of colours, like natural beige and brown for warmth, cool grey and charcoal for a modern touch, or bright ivory to bring elegance to your outdoor space.


FAQs About Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles

What Is the Least Slippery Outdoor Tile? 

That depends on the tile's material, texture, and finish. 

Porcelain tiles with a matte finish and textured surface are generally considered less slippery, as they offer better traction. Natural stone tiles, such as slate, also have inherent anti-slip properties. 

The key is to look for tiles with a high slip resistance rating or a textured surface designed for outdoor use. It's best to consult with experts at tile retailers for specific product recommendations.

Are Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Slippery When Wet?

While slip resistance varies depending on a porcelain tile's finish and texture, outdoor porcelain tiles are typically less slippery when wet than other tile types. Many outdoor porcelain tiles are manufactured with a textured surface to enhance grip, making them a safer choice for areas exposed to moisture. 

What Are the Best Non-Slip Tiles for a Patio?

Porcelain tiles with a textured or matte finish are ideal for reducing slipperiness, while natural stone options like slate or granite provide inherent grip due to their rough texture. 

How Do I Maintain Non-Slip Tiles?

  1. Regularly sweep or vacuum tiles to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Regularly mop using a pH-neutral cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals to prevent surface damage.
  3. Thoroughly rinse away all soapy residue after cleaning.
  4. Clean up spills immediately to prevent them from setting, and treat stains as soon as you spot them.
  5. Periodically give your tiles a deeper clean using a gentle scrubbing brush. Pay particular attention to grout lines and consider using a specialised grout cleaner.
  6. Seal your tiles if necessary. Some tiles, like natural stone, may require sealing to maintain their non-slip properties. 

 Ready To Enjoy Safer Outdoor Spaces?

Non-slip outdoor tiles will transform your outdoor space into a safe and stylish haven for parties and chilled weekend hangouts.  

As well as reducing the risk of slips, they'll withstand the harsh Aussie climate- it's a win-win!

Browse our extensive range of outdoor non-slip tiles to find the perfect fit for your home.

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