Feeling boxed in by your small kitchen? Think you have no options for making the most of your limited space? 

All is not lost! You might be surprised to discover that small kitchens actually hold enormous potential for creative, space-savvy renovations. It's all about finding the right small kitchen renovation ideas to unlock this potential. 

This article is your guide to doing just that, with a special focus on solutions we offer here at Amber. 


Maximising Your Small Kitchen Space: Practical Tips

Nailing the Layout

In a small kitchen, every inch matters. A clever layout can make the difference between a cramped, awkward kitchen and a cosy, efficient one.

What are some layout options?

1.U-shaped: This design allows for plenty of counter space and keeps everything within easy reach. For example, by placing the sink at the base of the U, you create a natural workflow with the fridge and stove on opposite arms.

u shaped kitchen layout


2. L-shaped: Conducive to cooking and socialising, this layout can make the kitchen the focal point of your home. It makes the most of the corner space while leaving room for a small dining area or an island (if space permits).

L shaped kitchen layout


3. Galley: This is a go-to for extremely narrow spaces. Two parallel counters make all points of the working triangle (the stove, sink, and refrigerator) equally accessible. If you live in an apartment, this streamlined layout could be just right for your kitchen.

gallery style kitchen layout


4. Island: If your space can accommodate it, an island adds valuable work and storage space. It can also serve as a casual dining or prep area.

island kitchen layout


5. Work triangle consideration: The stove, sink, and refrigerator are the most-used areas in a kitchen, so keeping them in a compact, accessible triangle is key.

kitchen work triangle layout



Optimising Storage

Once your kitchen layout is sorted, it's time to figure out storage options. 

Storage in a small kitchen is crucial. Keeping all areas organised and clutter-free will help your kitchen appear larger than it really is. 

How can you optimise the storage in your small kitchen?

  • Vertical shelves and hanging racks keep counters clear.
  • Under-sink drawers and shelves are great for storing cleaning supplies or seldom-used kitchen gadgets.
  • Corner cabinets with pull-out carousels make corner spaces easily accessible and useful.
  • Multipurpose furniture, like a fold-down table or a kitchen island on wheels, provides extra work space when needed and can be tucked away otherwise.
  • Regularly declutter, keeping only what you need.


Inspiring Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Consider these small kitchen renovation ideas to add style and function to your compact space.

  1. Integrated appliances: Opt for built-in appliances that blend seamlessly with your cabinets. For example, an under-counter fridge or a microwave built into a cabinet can free up valuable counter space.
  2. Pull-out pantries: A pull-out pantry makes storing and accessing your groceries easier while taking up minimal room.
  3. Under-cabinet lighting: Good lighting improves visibility and gives the feeling of a larger space.
  4. Backsplash shelves and racks: Add shelves or magnetic knife racks to the backsplash for storage that doesn’t encroach on counter space.
  5. Drop-leaf or extendable table: A drop-leaf table or an extendable countertop provides extra prep space when needed and can be folded away after use.
  6. Toe-kick drawers: Utilise the space at the bottom of your cabinets (the toe-kick area) by converting them into slim drawers. These are ideal for storing flat items like baking trays or placemats.
  7. Mirrored or glass backsplash: A mirrored or glass backsplash can visually expand your kitchen space.
  8. Light colours: Light-coloured walls, cabinets, and floors can make small kitchens feel brighter and create an illusion of more space. Go for classic white or cream, pale grey, soft beige, sky blue, mint green, or light yellow- whatever colour suits your kitchen's design style.
  9. Strategic tile shapes and colours: Using larger tiles on the walls and floors can make a small kitchen appear more spacious. Glossy or light-coloured tiles are a smart choice, as these reflect more light.

Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Small Kitchen

Tiles play a significant role in visually expanding a small kitchen. The right choice in tile colour, shape, size, and material can create an illusion of a larger space, reflect natural and artificial light, and add character to your kitchen.

Light-coloured tiles, such as whites, creams, or light greys, reflect light well, making a kitchen appear brighter and more open. Glossy or polished tiles reflect even more light to enhance the sense of space. If you want a bit of colour, pastel tones are also a great choice. Avoid dark colours, as they can make the space feel more confined. 

Large-format tiles with minimal grout lines create a cleaner, more streamlined look. Or, try rectangular tiles laid in a herringbone or brick pattern to add a feeling of depth. 

When it comes to materials, porcelain and ceramic tiles are excellent choices because of their durability and low maintenance. They come in various colours and styles, making them versatile for different kitchen styles. 

For a more luxurious and sophisticated look, consider natural stone tiles like marble or granite.

Small Kitchen Remodel Design Styles

As well as choosing the layout and practical elements of your small kitchen remodel, you'll need to settle on a design style.

Here are some popular choices. 

  • Vintage: Characterised by retro appliances, pastel colours, checkered floors, and classic hardware, the vintage style brings a charming, old-world feel.
  • Rustic: Emphasises natural, rugged beauty, focusing on raw materials: exposed beams, wood finishes, and stone countertops. A warm, earthy colour palette adds to this style's cosy, cabin-like feel.
  • Coastal: Inspired by the beach, this style uses light, airy colours like blues and whites. It often features natural light, open shelving, and nautical-themed decor to create a breezy, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Modern minimalist: Defined by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette, this style focuses on functionality. Minimal decor, sleek appliances, and a clutter-free space emphasise open, breathable areas.
  • Industrial: Combines raw materials like exposed bricks, stainless steel, and concrete for a contemporary warehouse feel. This style is known for its utilitarian elements, open shelving, and statement lighting.



FAQs About Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

  • How Can I Modernise a Small Kitchen?

    Consider updating your small kitchen with 

    • Sleek, contemporary appliances and cabinetry.
    • A light, neutral colour palette with pops of colour.
    • Smart storage solutions to reduce clutter.
    • Modern lighting fixtures, like under cabinet LED strip lights and recessed ceiling lights.
  • What Is the Best Kitchen Layout for a Small Kitchen?

    The best layout for a small kitchen is typically the U-shaped or L-shaped design. Both efficiently utilise available kitchen space while maintaining the functionality of the working triangle (sink, stove, and refrigerator). They also offer ample counter space and storage while keeping everything within easy reach.

  •  What Colours Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

    Light and neutral colours, such as soft whites, light greys, and pale blues, make a small kitchen look bigger as they reflect more light, giving the space an airy, open feel.

  • Where Should I Put My Fridge in a Small Kitchen?

    Place your fridge in a location that’s easily accessible with minimal obstruction. Ensure there's enough clearance for the door to open fully without hitting other appliances, cabinets, or anyone working at a counter space.




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