Small Space Design - Juliet Love

Small living spaces are a reality for many people these days with the trend only continuing to grow. Follow Juliet's tips to give you the best design outcome for you small Bathroom, Kitchen or living space.

Go big with Mirrors

Using a mirror will double the size of your space. The trick here is to make the mirror the focal point by using a beautiful shape, frame or style.

Make use of small spaces

To help enlarge your space think about recessing your shelves and cabinetary into the walls. This will afford you practical storage space while maximising perceived size of the room.

Natural colour scheme

A neutral colour scheme will make your living spaces appear bigger. When selecting your tiles think about colours like grey, white and cream

Keep it minimal

Minimalism is a great tool when it comes to small space design. Clean lines, simple fixtures and light colours all create the illusion of more space.

Choosing your tiles

Think about using glossy tiles that reflect light. LArge format tiles on walls and floors also help you achieve a seamless look.

“Large format tile range”

“Semi-lappato (reflective) tile range”

Travertine Porcelain
Travertine Porcelain
“Suspended Vanity suitable for small bathrooms”

Koko Vanity
Koko Vanity