Amber Sandstone Capping

Sandstone Capping

When it comes to stylishly capping your retaining wall for a fair price, nothing can do it better than Amber’s Sandstone Capping range. Each piece has been meticulously crafted to feature front and back rockfaced edges. For added aesthetic appeal, Sandstone Capping has been designed to precisely mirror the natural look of Australian sandstone.

This beautiful range has been crafted from the very best materials and is available in the stunning Sandstone Capping colour tone. Sandstone Capping also boasts a robust and natural textured finish.

To make Sandstone Capping easy to install, blocks come in 500x285x50mm and 500x500x50mm sizes. Our team at Amber can also provide you with Sandstone Capping edges, corners, and ends if you need them for your project. 

Why choose Sandstone Capping?

  • Boasts a stunning textured finish
  • Front and back rockfaced edges
  • Edges, corners, and ends also available
  • 500x285x50mm and 500x500x50mm sizes
  • Available in the beautiful Sandstone Capping colour tone

To speak with one of our friendly experts about the gorgeous Sandstone Capping range, please visit one of our stores today. Or, browse more of our beautifully designed Retaining Walls now.

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Print Details


Sandstone Capping


Sandstone Capping

suitable area.

  • Outdoor Areas


  • 500 x 285 x 50mm
  • 500 x 500 x 50mm


  • Caps
  • Corners
  • Ends


  • Textured


  • Classics