Deco Block

When it comes to a stone cladding block that only takes hours to lay, Amber’s stylish Deco Block range is the perfect solution. Every block in this range has been pre-faced with high-quality natural stone and requires no professional skill to install. Deco Block is a leading choice for all types of DIY garden edge and low retaining wall projects.

Deco Block has been manufactured from the highest quality materials available and comes in 3 beautiful colours, including: Blackheath, Coastal Sands and Grampians. 

For a simple installation, Deco Block is available in a 360x150x180mm size. End blocks, corner blocks, and natural stone caps are also available for this range should you require them for your project. However, it’s essential that Deco Block retaining walls are supported by a footing that’s constructed of compact road base or concrete.

Why choose Deco Block?

  • 3 beautiful colour tones
  • Crafted from the finest materials
  • Available in a 360x150x180mm size
  • Ideal for DIY garden edges and retaining walls
  • End blocks, corner blocks, and natural stone capping available

To speak with an expert at Amber about the stunning Deco Block range, please visit one of our stores today. Alternatively, you can view more of our Retaining Walls now.

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Coastal Sands


Coastal Sands

suitable area.

  • Outdoor Areas


  • 360 x 150 x 180mm


  • Caps
  • Ends


  • Stone cladding


  • Inspire