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Amberclean is an environmentally friendly pH neutral detergent designed for everyday cleaning. It is also used as a final rinse cleaner after cleaning with any of our specialty Spirit cleaners such as our HDC, Phosphoric Acid, Bright As, Safe Stripper or Efflorescence Off.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Breaks down dirt and grease
  • Safe to use over existing sealed surfaces
  • Safe to use on any natural stone or tile
  • Streak free, low suds cleaning
  • The perfect general maintenance cleaner

Amber Grout Sealer is a solvent based penetrating (impregnating) sealer designed specifically for sealing grout joints.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • High resistance to oil and waterborne staining
  • Permits vapour transmission
  • Keeps grout looking like new, and improves cleanability
  • Ideal for kitchen splashbacks, shower recesses and large format porcelain tiles

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