You may have experienced an amazing pool and spa resort, where you wanted your vacation to go on forever. But wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you could create this atmosphere right in your own backyard?

Pools and spas are places where you want to chill and relax. They let you take some rest after a long day at work, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Their unique and stylish designs will impress your guests and make your home become even more memorable.

Decorating your poolside and spa will let you make the most of your space at home. Garden and fancy daybeds are popular decorations, but tiles and pavers are important as well. Choosing the right pool tiles and spa tiles can get you started as you build a perfect environment to enjoy with your loved ones. At Amber Tiles, we provide you with various types of tiles that will fit nicely with your preferred style. The variety of tile textures means that our product line includes distinctive practical characteristics as well as different visual designs.

It is always important to choose an appropriate material for your pool and spa pavement and tiles. The right material should be durable and easy to maintain, to ensure that upkeep is as easy as possible over the years. Also, don’t forget that pools and spas are wet places; therefore, materials used for tiling must also be designed to prevent slipping and other accidents.

If you’re looking for stylish materials with comfortable and practical textures to keep you safe, you’ve come to the right place. At Amber Tiles, we provide you with a variety of spa and pool tiles in Australia. To enjoy the comforts of a perfect pool and spa, don’t miss our excellent tile catalogue.

If you like to spend time relaxing on a luxury deck, natural stone may be the perfect choice for you. Amber Tiles offers a wide range of natural stone pavers including sandstone, quartzite, limestone, granite and travertine. Each type of stone has different characteristics and design, depending on your style and interest.

  • If you like to have a natural and earthy feeling, our sandstone series will fit your needs perfectly. Amber’s sandstone pavers are crafted from the finest sandstone, creating the impression of walking on a white sand beach.
  • We recommend quartzite stone pavers if you like relaxing on an elegant deck. You will enjoy the shimmery look of our quartzite stone pavers, which can also match easily with any decorative style. Quartzite stone is highly durable, with the non-slip surface making it become even more suitable for wet places like a pool deck or spa.
  • If you want to create an especially soothing impression, travertine stone may be the answer to your needs. Tiling your pool pavers with travertine will give you a romantic feeling. With its light colour, travertine pavers will help you feel calm and stress-free.
  • Your poolside can also benefit greatly from granite or limestone pavers -- ideal solutions for your pool or spa. Granite and limestone pavers are easy to maintain and also highly durable, giving you satisfaction for a long time to come.

Whichever stones you choose, Amber Tiles will provide you high-quality tiles to help you enjoy every of your quality moments.

Hardwearing, enduring, stain resistant and easy to maintain – Amber’s porcelain and ceramic tiles are among our most popular for all kinds of kitchens. We offer over 30 kinds of porcelain and ceramic tiles that can fit beautifully with the rest of your kitchen surfaces and decorations.

Our timberstone is made from high-quality concrete, with 2 colours available for you to choose: Copper and Driftwood. Perfect for your dream pool and spa, each is manufactured from the finest materials, making for a highly durable tile that is easy to install. For all kinds of everyday activities, timberstone tiles will bring warmth and a natural vibe to your backyard.

If you are in love with simplicity, clay pavers are the right choice. Clay is ideal for making your dream backyard look simple and classic. Amber’s clay pavers can fit perfectly with any decorative approach, letting your pool and spa feel natural and wholesome. Clay bricks also provide high security, as their rough surface means that you will never get hurt from the slippery floor.

Afraid that your spa and pool will be boring? Don’t worry, Amber Tiles provide you with 3 different styles of clay pavers: Classic, Regency, and Regal. These come in 20 different colours and many different sizes. This flexible range means that you can find just the design you’re looking for, no matter what style you like.

Poolside pavers are important, but the inside pool tiles themselves also matter greatly. At Amber Tiles, we offer pool mosaics that will give your pool a unique and fascinating look.

Our pool mosaics come in 4 different collections that will give your pool just the element of visual distinction you’re looking for. The 4 collections are: Resort Collection, Luminous Glow Collection, Crystal Collection, and Coral Collection.

With more than 20 brilliant colours, Amber’s mosaics will never let you down. In particular, our special Luminous Glow collection will enhance your pool experience at night. You cannot miss this collection, especially if you love partying, as our Luminous tiles are 100% glow in the dark. You will enjoy a long and lively night with your friends, and you’ll never want the party to end.

No matter your taste, Amber Tiles has a variety of products that suits the lifestyle of all of our customers. You don’t have to worry about high maintenance costs, as every product from Amber Tiles is durable and versatile.

Want to enhance your spa and pool experience? Let Amber Tiles be with there for every one of your relaxing moments. We are Australia's leading pool and spa tile suppliers, so if you are looking for durable and unique tiles, Amber is the right solution.

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