Planning Your Paving Project - Charlie Albone

Ensure you achieve the best outcome for your outdoor project with these helpful tips from Charlie for planning your paving.

Choose the right paving!

This is instrumental in setting the tone for the whole space. The foundation product that you choose will have the most profound impact on the results of your project.

Get Practical

Choose the right colour for your space. Is it a highly functional area? A dark colour will help reduce dirt and scuff marks, while light colours really help brighten up shaded areas around the home. Remember, always consider the slip resitance of your chosen product, especially around wet areas.

Get the right size

Smaller units allow a greater level of flexibility over undulating surfaces. Selecting the size to suit your space can help reduce the amount of cutting and laying time, saving you money! 


“Timeless stone”

Travertine Pavers
Travertine Pavers
“External porcelain tile”