Outdoor Areas

Amber Tiles was founded in 1973, the same year the Sydney Opera House had its grand opening. We have since grown to become one the leading tile suppliers in Australia, with a wide variety of products including collections of tiles, various type of pavers, outdoor tiles, retaining walls, pool mosaics, granite and quartzite cobbles, as well as cladding, artificial grass, bathware and sealers. We also specialise in outdoor areas renovation services for to customers, provided by combining our different products into one stylish renovation.

If you have a guest who is coming to your house for a visit, our impressively stylish outdoor area can put your visitor in awe as soon as they take their first step inside your property. An outdoor area is like the face of your residence; it defines your taste and personality, just like our choice of clothing when we go out in public. The outdoor areas surrounding a home are ideal for people outside to see how you live, and to begin to get to know you. For these reasons, it is essential to get the design of your outdoor areas right. Whether you need a peaceful garden, chic poolside, or beautiful lawn, we can help you put together anything you want to make the most of your external space.

With a bit of foresight and investment, you’ll be able to make your neighbor jealous thanks to a breathtaking outdoor area that is inspirational and well-designed. They will be impressed every time they walk, pass, or drive by your house to see a fresh and modern look across your outdoor areas. Amber Tiles can conjure up virtually any renovation design for your outdoor area, and the magic begins when you select any tiles from our collection to match with your chosen style. When you’re ready to renovate your outdoor areas, let Amber Tiles be your choice.

At Amber Tiles we have a wide variety of outdoor tiles for renovation, to let our customers choose which style is ideal for their outdoor areas. Here we present some selected examples of exceptional products from our vast selection.

This collection combines industrialised and urban styles to set your outdoor flooring and design apart from the ordinary. Our stylish pavers give your outdoor area a modernised, natural stone look. These tiles are thicker than the other varieties, which means they have higher shock resistance, durability, and strength.

Your sleek outdoor barbecue party will go swimmingly, with your friends and family by the pool and the Urban Surface Collection under your feet. It is genuinely the perfect solution for the typical Australian weather and lifestyle. Our ceramic stones look so much like natural stone that in a comparison, you wouldn’t even be able to tell which one is from Urban Surface Collection and which is the real stone.

The stylish combination between technological and natural styles provides a more subtle tone for your outdoor area. The colour of this Italian series of tiles is inspired by real sandstone which can be found in nature. Also, as with our best materials, these porcelain tiles are strong and non-porous.

Sandstone Porcelain is the solution for decorating both your indoor and outdoor areas. You can install the set to give your living space a more vibrant tone, or brighten up your outdoor dining area with these ageless natural classics.

Trust is a series of exterior ceramic tiles which is perfect for decorating your outdoor space. Trust was designed and assembled with Italian influences, and comes in different sizes to fit any size location. The series has unique elements, including its colour palettes and textures. Trust is strong and has high durability, making it an ideal choice for your outdoor entertainment and common areas.

Amber proudly provides the captivating beauty of nature that you can place in your own house through our timber inspired collections, Timberstone and Atelier. These collections capture the beauty of timber wood and replicate it into tile products, including pavers of porcelain tiles.

Timber Inspired Collections breathe the life of nature into your own private spaces. As the trend of using timber for various decorative purposes is on the rise in Europe, Amber saw an opportunity to recreate these nature-inspired tiles for our customers here.

Using real timber wood to decorate your area might be hard in terms of maintenance and keeping everything clean – but this problem disappears with Amber Tiles’ Timber Inspired Collections, which is superior in durability and ease of care. Our Timber Inspired Collections are ideal for creating a vintage look for your outdoor areas, especially the garden.

Amber Tiles is highly experienced in providing both indoor and outdoor tiles for our customers for over 40 years. We are Australia’s first choice when thinking about indoor and outdoor tiles, because we have always been there for our customers over the decades.

We have proven to be the best in the market, with our range of services and vast selection of products. Our vast experience lets us answer any questions to help you on any issues related to tiles. Amber Tiles is rapidly growing, and now has 28 stores across the country.

Additionally, our Amber Tiles website is designed to make our customers’ lives easier by placing all of our products and services in one place. Our online database allows customers to browse through our selections anytime, without going to the store. We have divided our products into easy-to-use categories, so you will find everything you need with the click of a button.

At Amber Tiles, we always keep track of what is going on in the design world, so we can create the most inspiring work for your home areas. Our research teams are working hard to bring you the current design trends from around the world, while our on-site staff are very experienced indeed – with some of them having been in this industry for almost 30 years. We always deliver top-quality service to our customers, relying on our deep knowledge and skill to answer all of your questions and turn your property into the shining and beautiful area of your dreams.

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