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Our History

1973 was a big year for tiles in Sydney. 

The Sydney Opera House opened with over one million glazed white tiles imported from Sweden for the project. And Amber opened our first store, which meant we now had a great Australian owned local tile supplier

Over 40 years on, Australians' know that when it comes to indoor + outdoor tiles, stone and pavers, Amber has the answer. Over the decades we've seen style change, but we have always been there to give advice and service in floor tiles, wall tiles, natural stone, pavers, retaining walls, artificial grass and everything associated with these products

With a strong brand, service and range, the Amber name has grown to be synonymous with tiles and pavers, creating a strong market presence across NSW, ACT and QLD.

We have a long history of answering questions and helping our customers solve their tile, stone and paver dilemmas. We love questions. What if? How about? Could we? Questions fuel creativity and open possibilities. Without questions there can be no answers - and that's what we're famous for.

We have grown from one store in 1973 to now 28 stores, with many possibilities ahead.

And over 40 years on, we're proud to say we've sold many more tiles than those that sit atop the Sydney Opera House.