Urban Surface Sand – Vanessa Coyler Tay

Urban Surface Sand – Vanessa Coyler Tay


When conceptualising the look of an outdoor area to live and entertain family I think about creating new memories, taking inspiration from the past. My visual reference comes from frozen-in-time family moments by the sea, exploring rock pools and catching up with extended family. Moments of relaxing in the sun’s rays, admiring the shapes and shadows of rustling gum trees, perched on the rocks to avoid too much sand in our picnic lunch. The colours are sandy shades of natural stone, eucalyptus leaf green and hot white reminiscent of reflective sparkles on the sea and coastal cabins in bright sunlight. Amber’s Urban Surface paver has the sandy stone rock-pool vibe covered, it looks like stone but is made of, and has the benefits of porcelain. Its slip resistant, salt safe, durable and easy to clean which means that future family gatherings, no matter how rambunctious, are highly achievable without concern. A bright white painted home exterior paired with a hit of eucalyptus green in architectural detail, and timeless black and white striped upholstery, deck chairs or outdoor umbrellas paired with Urban Surface pavers in sand colour, voila! Magic entertaining, relaxing and memory making awaits.


1. Consider the colour of your homes exterior and work it in to your scheme along with any other colours in your outdoor environment including plant life, pools, fencing etc.

2. If you are starting from scratch and are also to choose an exterior paint colour or other finishes, start with a visual reference or image. Pull colours out of your reference and match them in to your scheme, then consider which balance of colour works best, and in which element. For example, your main colour will likely be the largest surface ie. pavers, or your homes exterior. Then your secondary colours will come through in smaller elements like furniture and architectural detailing, and the final thread of colour will appear in outdoor accessories or flowers when in bloom.

3. Do you want your pavers to be a show stopping hero, or simply an understated backdrop to the rest of your home and outdoor space? If you want them to stand out, choose a bolder or brighter colour, light colours like white also shine bright under the Australian sun. If you would like it to be a backdrop to other hero materials, opt for something darker or more muted.

4. Narrow your selection down to two or three colour options and look at a sample of each one at the location you are aiming to pave, at different times of the day so that you can see how they look under varied sunlight.