Top 10 Travertine Tile Uses

Top 10 Travertine Tile Uses

For style, range of colours and long-lasting durability, you cant go past Travertine. Here are some useful tips on making the most of timeless Travertine in your home.

  1. Foyers and Hallways

Travertine instantly adds a stylish and natural look to any home. Plus, it makes a memorable first impression.

  1. Bathroom Vanity Tops

Travertine is a really popular surface for bathrooms. Often complemented by the choice of Travertine sinks, its not only long lasting, but easy to maintain.

  1. Tub Surrounds and Shower Cladding

Travertine doesnt just offer a modern high-end look, it has an intrinsically relaxing feel when used in places like this.

  1. Main Living Areas

A slightly less common application is the?Travertine tile floor?in a living area. But in warmer regions, its the perfect flooring surface. Its calming, durable and cool underfoot.

  1. Bedrooms

For warmer climates, a cooler floor on hot summer nights is what you want. And lets not forget the subtle decorative advantages that come with Travertine tiles in your bedroom. And those earthy tones naturally help you unwind after a long day.

  1. Kitchens

Often the hub of family life, a comfortable and earthy kitchen setting can make all the difference to the whole property. Enter the unique colour range and long-lasting durability that?Travertine?delivers.

  1. Courtyards

Travertine can truly enhance a courtyard with a stylish new look. Its the perfect partner for all your outdoor soires.

  1. Driveways

Who says something that functional cant be striking to look? Travertine pavers can make a driveway a stunning feature. After all, why should it be just the entertaining and living areas that get all the glamour.

  1. Patios and Decking Areas

Celebrate the great outdoors with natural stone underfoot. The subtle patterns and neutral colours are perfect for contrasting deck furniture and Travertine is highly suitable for surfacing your outdoor summer kitchen and barbecuing area too.

  1. Pool areas

Travertine makes its mark in outdoor areas. If you want a strikingly natural look for your pool area, its time to take the plunge.

Now you can see how Travertine can transform your home in so many stylish ways. Interestingly, the Roman Coliseum was built using Travertine as a key building material. That might explain why Rome wasnt built in day. They obviously spent too much time admiring the new look.