Top 10 NEW Pantone colours 2017 – Steve Cordony

Top 10 NEW Pantone colours 2017 – Steve Cordony

Every year, Pantone reveals its top colours for spring. Their predictions are always pretty accurate and designers and fashionistas around the globe look to this list as a reference for a collection or new designs. Shortly after, you are likely to see these colours popping up in interiors and homes.

Taking out top honour is a crisp green hue, aptly titled Greenery. As soon as I heard green was the hue that would shape the colour palette for the year, I thought it was spot on. Apart from being a great way to inject an accent into the home without it being too much of an overpowering statement, I see the green colour family as harmonious, tranquil and rejuvenating – something we all need after the tumultuous social and political events of 2016!

Incorporating colour into the home is one of the easiest ways to accent and bring focal points into your space. When renovating your home, colour is the perfect starting point to build upon.

My number one tip when renovating your interior is to keep a neutral base with your hero pieces i.e. sofas, armchairs etc. This allows you to layer with different colours and patterns using cushions, throws, rugs and artwork to create focal points around the room. Even though your base items are neutral, it doesn’t mean they cant be interesting. Think about chunky Belgian linens, and soft velvets and play with interesting details such as contrasting piping and stitching.

With a solid base to build upon, from here you can start injecting colour. Green is such a beautiful hue because there are so many shades to work with, that suit various different looks and each tone creates a different feel altogether. If you are renovating a glamorous formal living space, think about injected deep emerald green – Kale from Pantones 2017 Spring top 10 palatte would work – and apply this to velvet scatter cushions, small objects and accessories such as trays, marble vases or a washed out kilim rug. If you are looking for a less formal look, think about soft, dusty pistachio or the colour of the year, Greenery and apply to kitchen joinery, dining room chairs, and pendant lighting.

Similarly, these tones work well when used with graphic patterns and applied to wallpaper, bold fabric prints and even cement, encaustic tiles.

A huge trend, which combines both colour and pattern, is tropical prints. Palm leaf wallpapers, artwork and graphic fabrics work perfectly against a neutral base with interesting textural elements such as jute and sisal, raw concrete and timber.

A more subtle way to renovate using wallpaper is to think about using soft, dusty green hued grass cloth wallpaper to create a chic colonial meets Hamptons vibe – perfect for bedrooms or office spaces. The texture of grass cloth allows you to layer upon and contrast with different elements in the room such as linen drapes in crisp white or natural flax and velvet or linen bedding.

This year, the top 10 colours from Pantone are decidedly subdued with low Chroma colours such as Pale dogwood and Hazelnut. These tones are contrasted with accent primary colours like Lapis blue and Primrose yellow.

This contrast in tone is a great way to create layers and different textures within your space. If you are renovating a substantial project, think about using the low Chroma, muted tones as your base with wall colour, joinery, large furniture items and hard surfaces such as carpet and tiles. For smaller decorating renovation projects, refresh your space by updating cushions, small accessories and artwork. Cushions are the most interchangeable way to update you living or bedroom spaces. Use this contrast in tonality to create interest by adding a block colour cushion in a muted tone, and contrast with a stronger graphic fabric.

Kitchen joinery is a great way to be bold and inject a sense of personality. The best way to create drama without being over bearing is to use the soft dusty hues and accent with natural elements such as brass tap ware, rattan pendant lighting and natural stone.

Hard surfaces are a fantastic way to play with colour and pattern. Again, muted tones work best when applying to large areas, as stronger colours can be overwhelming. Bathroom wall and floor tiles are the perfect areas to play with contrast. Using a graphic pattern on the floor, creates a feature and a focal point to draw you eye in. Combined with a plain wall tile is the perfect way to make a statement in the bathroom.

Patio or entry areas are easily updated by playing with matte, cement tiles either in block dusty tones or Moroccan and Turkish inspired patterns – a trend we have seen a lot of in the past year. Similarly the kitchen splash back is a great way to create a visual impact. Encaustic tiles, mosaics, porcelain/ceramic and natural stone are all perfect textures to create a focal point in the kitchen.

Colour is one of the best design elements to bring a space to life. The Pantone palette for 2017 plays with contrast in tonality of colour and brings colour into the home, not by just creating an interior look but also creating an emotive response with a feeling or rejuvenation and rebirth – perfect when renovating your home.