Resort Life

Resort Life

We caught up with our most recent #lovemyamber winner Mark Allen, who purchased tiles from our Kellyville store. Mark talked us through building his resort-style dream home, and what inspirations and factors guided his design decisions.

What sparked your decision to renovate and what were the main elements you set out to achieve?
After securing a 1-acre lot it was my ambition to build the new family home based on a resort-style theme, bringing the outside in with plenty of glass and unlimited views of the pool.

What inspired the design? Did you begin with a vision or did the design evolve throughout the process?
After watching videos of completed homes our Architect had previously designed, I was instantly sold on the idea and the vision quickly evolved from there.

How did lifestyle and family inform the choices you made?
The idea was to create a home that instantly relaxes you the minute you walk inside, like stepping into a luxurious resort. My children aged 18 and 20 love having friends over—the home is spacious and has a great party vibe.

With so much choice available for tiling what led you to Amber?
Amber’s staff were fantastic. I appreciated their honesty and knowledge, supporting me through the pros and cons of different options and solutions. I think the finished product really speaks for itself!

What is the best advice you can offer first-time renovators?
First-time renovators should set a budget and stick to it, and ensure they choose the best quality product they can afford.

What was your biggest learning from the build?
There are so many choices and options out there...make sure you do your homework! Take your time to do the research and select quality products and labour, and you’ll see it in the finished result.

How long did the whole process take from planning to completion?
The house took just over 2 years from planning to completion, 26 months in total.