Juliet Love - Be Brave With Pattern

Juliet Love - Be Brave With Pattern

We asked stylist and interior designer Juliet Love how to use pattern the amber way.

Be Brave With Pattern. Bold, exciting patterns are one of the most up-to-date trends in interiors right now. Playing with pattern adds a layer of depth and personality to a space, plus it can be used for a multitude of looks, from modern luxe to more bohemian or exotic decor.

Some of the most stylish homes in the world feature pattern on walls, floors & in soft furnishings, because the repetition of pattern has such visual impact. Often a daunting prospect, mixing and matching patterns doesn’t have to be difficult.

Firstly, select your primary pattern. Make this the focal point in your room so that its the first thing you see when you enter the space a patterned floor tile, or bathroom wall tile, for example. Using pattern over a large space is courageous, but as they say more is more.

Create a story by adding in one or two more patterns, but limit them to 3 one large scale pattern, one medium scale pattern and one small scale and you will have a combination that is fun without being overwhelming. For example, you might have one large plain tile, with a medium geometric tile, pared back with a smaller mosaic accent tile. Avoid two or three patterns of the same scale as it will be too much for the eye to take in. The other key to combining differing styles so that they co-exist harmoniously in a room is to anchor them with one unifying colour. Utilising various tints and tones of the one dominant colour in each of your patterns (in a wallpaper, plus a patterned wall tile for example) will make the space cohesive if you’re using multiple designs.

Because tiling is often over a large area, its worth getting samples and setting them out in the room that they’re going to be used. That way, you will be able to visualise how they will sit next to each other & execute the look successfully.

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