Q&A with a #lovemyamber winner - Autumn 2017

Q&A with a #lovemyamber winner - Autumn 2017

Be inspired by a breathtaking transformation. From a backyard to home haven

Keep it simple, light and airy. Continuity and flow in design is important.

We love this amazing transformation of your home. What inspirations guided your design?

We always wanted a house that was across from a beautiful park. We also wanted a manageable sized backyard. It was all about finding a home where we felt comfortable and wanted to spend time together.

With the renovation, the main thing we wanted to achieve was a calming atmosphere. We set out to create a practical space, and a home where inside and outside came together to complement each other.

Did you begin with a vision, or did the design evolve throughout the process?

We had a vision from the beginning. We set out to create a design space that was filled with light and calmness. The most important thing for us was to create a seamless transition between inside and outside.

How did lifestyle and family affect the choices you made?

The lifestyle and design decisions we made were very important in choosing the outdoor surfaces. They had to be low maintenance and look good all the time despite the weather conditions. We didn’t want something that was affected by harsh sunlight or change colour when it was wet.

With so much choice available for indoor and outdoor tiling, what ultimately lead you to Amber? And can you describe?your Amber experience?

As an interior designer, I have been into a lot of shops. However, Amber is always my first choice. In fact, it has been for the last 15 years. The most important thing for me is the selection, quality and availability. And I always find the customer service incredible when Im at Amber.

What is the best advice you can offer first time renovators?

Make sure you take time with the design. Without a clear design, theres more room for error and youre more likely to keep changing your mind. This means it becomes a lot more expensive and definitely more time consuming.

Id also recommend you research your project. Ask specialists for help. This will give you the confidence to best achieve what you envisage.

What would you say your one rule with transforming a small?space would be?

Keep it simple, light and airy. Continuity and flow in design is really important. White or a very light colours will optically bring walls closer, while dark colours will create more distance. I think light achieves the best results when looking at interiors. When talking outdoors, dark creates a great backdrop for plants.

What was the biggest learning from your small space?renovation?

Planning is really important, thats the biggest thing to remember. You may have to store things, move things, or even get rid of some old things. You just have to be prepared for whats ahead.

Were there any hacks or tips that you learnt from your small space reno that you would love to share?

The most important thing is good design. Use what you have to your advantage. No matter how big or small the space is, you can always transform whatever youre working with. If space is limited, create intimate areas filled with light and shade. Its as simple as some interesting and beautiful plants. This can make a truly fantastic place where you can relax.

How long did the whole process take from planning?to completion?

After the design was set (which took about 3 months), it took 5 months to complete. It was worth it. We think it looks amazing, and its the perfect escape from a busy life.

Teresa Pokorski is an Interior Designer and owner of Tespo Design. For any interior design enquiries, call Teresa on 0420 330 605 or email [email protected]