20 best patio paver designs and ideas

20 best patio paver designs and ideas

20 best patio paver designs and ideas


With the hotter months fast approaching, many of us are going to be spending our time in our backyards and patios. It’s no surprise then that many are considering renovating or updating their patios in time for the scorching hot days and sultry summer nights.  However, anyone who is redoing their patio area knows that trying to decide on the perfect pavers can be tough. With an endless array of styles, colours, and shapes available, feeling overwhelmed at the sheer variety of options is understandable. Rather than wading through the huge variety of pavers available, let us help.

Take a look at our top 20 patio paver designs and ideas and why we think they’re fantastic options.


20 patio paver ideas and design inspiration

Pavers, or paving stones, are a popular outdoor flooring option that is stylish, durable and incredibly versatile. They’re similar to tiles, however, they do not require the use of grout between the pavers, and are often made of a more permeable material that allows water and other liquids to flow easily through. This makes them the perfect flooring material to use for patios, driveways, gardens, and other outside areas. While DIY paver patio ideas are undeniably fun to come up with, you should always consider hiring a professional to fit them for you. Hiring a professional will ensure that not only are they fitted correctly, but that your patio pavers will also continue to look good well into the future. Doing them yourself risks the possibility of your pavers moving if the ground or surface isn’t prepped correctly, as well as the pavers being misaligned or crooked, which could lead to you having to have them redone completely. Avoid these troubles by utilising the expertise and skills of a professional and get it done right the first time. Pavers can be used in so many stylish and functional ways. Their versatility and strength mean that they can be utilised in almost any outdoor setting while their stylish look can help transform any area you put them in. Take a look here at some of our favourite ways to use pavers to make your patio and backyard areas stand out.

1. Garden path style paver design

A great way to bring your garden and patio together is to utilise pavers in your garden path. You can utilise leftover pavers from your patio area which can tie everything together quite nicely or choose statement pieces that stand out. Depending on the style and colour that you choose, you can curate a look that will be utterly unique and eye-catching.

2. Reclaimed brick paver design

Reclaimed brick pavers are a great way to create a beautiful patio area while utilising materials that have been recycled and reused, which is always a great choice for the environmentally conscious among us. Bricks that have been properly cleaned, restored and prepped can sometimes be on the more expensive side, however, they are undoubtedly a great way to create a look that is both authentic and vintage at the same time. They’re versatile and each brick is often unique, creating eye-catching designs.

3. Patio pavers with modern landscaping

Being able to tie your landscaping into your patio and alfresco area is pivotal in creating that backyard oasis you’ve been longing for. A great way to do this is by utilising your pavers to create a seamless transition from patio to garden. Try using the same pavers on your patio throughout your garden to create a sense of smooth transition or flow from one space to another.

4. Large oversized pavers

Oversized pavers are great statement pieces and make an impact on any area that you put them in. They can help make a smaller space seem bigger and come in a huge variety of both unique or natural colours and materials. Large pavers in warm tones are a great option to bring your area to life.

5. European style pavers

If you’re missing spending your summer in the Mediterranean as much as we are, then European style pavers are a fantastic way to create a Mediterranean feel in your backyard. They’re perfect for alfresco dining areas or to create the perfect poolside escape.

6. Paved sunbathing area

If you’re someone who loves to spend time outdoors enjoying the sun, consider having a paved sunbathing area. Paving stones are the perfect material to place a sun umbrella, lounging deck chair and a table for cold drinks on those hot Australian summer days.

7. Pool pavers

Pavers are the perfect flooring to surround your pool with. Whether you’re trying to create the perfect Italian style retreat, right in your backyard, or you just want something low maintenance and sturdy, pavers are the perfect tool for the job.


8. Artistic flourishes

Pavers are a fantastic way to make your patio and backyard stand out. With a little imagination, you can create practically any design or style you want to. From getting creative with the shape of your patio or alfresco area to creating fun or trendy designs, your options are endless. By combining different paver colours and layouts, you can create patterns and utilise your natural environment to bring your patio to life.

9. Multi-levelled patios

Multi-levelled patios are all the rage, especially if you have room for it. Creating a paved area from your patio down onto your yard is a great way to extend your useable outdoor space. Depending on how much room you might have, you can create another alfresco dining area or even an outdoor lounging area with a fire pit. Pavers will bring the whole area together and create a seamless transition from one area to the next.

10. Round patios

You can utilise square and specially cut pavers to create the perfect round patio area if a traditional rectangular or square patio isn’t to your taste. A professional will be able to cut and lay your pavers so that the patio comes out perfect.

11. Paver patio ideas with fire pit

Fire pits are a fantastic way to expand on your useable outdoor space. They’re the perfect place to spend evenings, whether you want to roast some marshmallows or relax by the light of the fire with a drink in hand. Laying pavers will ensure that the area is cosy and the fire pit is safe and well contained.

12. Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are the perfect option for anyone looking for paver  ideas on a budget. They’re cheap, durable and come in a range of fantastic colours to suit any patio.

13. A grid pattern of pavers

If you want to keep the look of your patio on the more traditional side, a grid pattern of pavers is a great way to do this. Choose one or two pavers that you love and create the perfect grid pattern for your patio area. A grid-style patio offers clean lines that are simple yet timeless. Grids always look great and are simple to install.

14. Patios decorated in neutral pavers

Neutral pavers are a great colour option to keep your patio looking modern and sophisticated. They suit almost every setting and garden they are placed in and are easy to match furniture settings with. They’re perfect for backyard alfresco patios or areas where you just want to relax and wind down.

15. Pavers for your driveway

If you want to keep the transition in your home smooth, you can even consider laying your driveway with some durable and hardy pavers. Pavers are designed to be strong and as long as they are installed properly and with the correct materials underneath to help keep them stable, they’re a fantastic option for your driveway.


16. Decorate your alfresco area with paving stones

Summer in Australia is the perfect time to utilise your alfresco area as much as you can. With the hot days and the sultry summer nights, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as you possibly can. Make the most of your alfresco area and lay pavers to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Pavers are the perfect cost-effective way to bring your outdoors to life while making it a comfortable area to spend some time in.

17. Stone pavers

Stone pavers are long-lasting, extremely strong pavers that can be utilised throughout your patio and backyard area. Anyone who is looking at backyard stone patio design ideas will want to consider incorporating stone pavers into their final design.

18. Pavers for small backyards

Paver patio ideas for small backyards don’t have to be as difficult as you would expect them to be. With such a variety of shapes, sizes and colours of pavers available, you can find something to fit your outdoor area, even if it is on the small side. Get creative with your small backyard and consider the best way to include some beautiful paving stones. You might choose to pave a small area and make it a feature point of your garden or you could even pave the entire backyard for a European feel. Add in some beautiful fruit trees or an olive tree and your small backyard will feel like the perfect oasis.


19. Pavers for people on a budget

One of the great things about pavers is the fact that there are options for every budget. You can make your patio look sophisticated, stylish and luxurious without breaking the bank and spending an extortionate amount of money. With some good quality yet affordable pavers, some creativity and a few paver patio ideas on a budget, you can have the patio of your dreams.

20. Pave your enclosed patio area

Combining pavers with retractable awnings is a fantastic way to create an alfresco area that the whole family will want to eat meals in. With the ability to block out the worst of the sun or bad weather, a patio that can be enclosed at will can be a great feature of your home. Some stylish paving stones will be the perfect way to create a modern and comfortable liveable area outside.

Paver patio FAQs

- What is the cheapest paver for a patio? -

Patio pavers come in a lot of different materials, with options to fit everyone’s budget. If you’re redoing your patio, alfresco or outside area on a budget, you can still take your pick of stylish pavers without breaking the bank or your renovating budget. Brick pavers or thin concrete pavers are fantastic options that are sturdy, stylish and reasonably priced.

- - What do you put under a paver patio? -

While you can lay your pavers on dirt, it’s recommended to ensure that the surface your putting them on is as stable as possible. A stable base will both ensure that the paving stones don’t move and that they won’t trap excess water or moisture underneath them. With this in mind, it’s recommended to put down a good layer of gravel, followed by a layer of concrete sand. Concrete sand or bedding sand is the perfect material to keep your pavers settled while also allowing water and other substances to drain away.

- - Is a paver patio worth it? -

Paver patios are worth it. Paving stones are a fantastic way to transform your outside areas in a cost-effective and easy way. With the help of a professional, pavers are simple and fast to fit and they will last many years into the future.

- - Can you lay pavers directly on dirt? -

Yes, you can lay pavers directly on dirt, as long as the ground is prepped correctly before they’re put down. If you’re unsure how to lay pavers, be sure to get the help of a professional. Depending on the soil, they will want to make sure that the pavers are not going to move or shift over time. Consider laying a layer of weed mat or landscaping fabric before putting the pavers down to make the base more stable and prevent weeds from sprouting up between the pavers.

- - Is it cheaper to lay concrete or pavers? -

Several factors can contribute to the overall cost of laying both concrete and pavers. Technically, while the upfront costs of poured concrete are marginally cheaper than pavers per square foot, overall paving stones offer a better solution for your home. Not only do they offer greater versatility than poured concrete, but concrete pavers are also much more customisable and durable than poured concrete. If you’re planning on installing flooring that lasts, then pavers are going to be your better option over the long term.


Paver patio ideas don’t have to be boring, difficult or even expensive. Some simple creativity, utilising the space you have available and the help of a professional will ensure that your patio and backyard are transformed into the ultimate personal retreat. If you need some assistance in choosing the right pavers for your patio or backyard, book an appointment with our team today. We can assist you with patio paver design templates or choosing the perfect pavers for your project.