Make a Splash

Make a Splash

Infinity Pools - Explore the potential for a crisp infinity edge to create a luxurious resort feel. Adding a tiled-in lounge bench along the length of the pool creates an opulent vantage to soak in infinite effect.

Splash Decks - A shallow platform where you can sit
in a deckchair and dangle your feet in the water is the perfect spot to lie and relax in a soothing cool bath of water on a hot day. They are also the perfect addition for kids to play around with you when you are swimming. Enjoy the best of both world where you can sit back and enjoy all the pool has to offer.

Plunge Pools  - With the shrinking size of the Australian backyard homeowners are turning to sophisticated plunge pools to include in their landscape design. Plunge pools offer a lot of the same benefits as swimming pools in only a fraction of the space plus use fewer chemicals, less water and faster pool cleaning giving you more free time to simply enjoy.

Above Ground Pools - Avoid hefty excavation costs with a new generation of above ground fibreglass pools making a splash. Above ground pools are by far the cheapest option when it comes to instillation. Removing the need to dig means what lies beneath the surface isn’t an issue. Complete with a stunning deck an above ground pool can look just as sophisticated as below ground pools.

Natural Pools - The idea of mineral bathing is a centuries old phenomenon and conjures up
the idea of a luxurious experience, rejuvenation and relaxation. In recent years the rise in wellness trends have surged interest in mineral pools due to the therapeutic benefits that come with soaking in the water. Improving circulation, alleviating pain, relieving stress as well as being gentler on the skin making it the hot new trend.

Pool Finishes  - Australian companies are delivering world leading innovation with an ever-evolving range of pool finishes transforming the end result. Traditionally fiberglass pools tended to come in blue but the colour pallet has now includes whites, greys and blacks.
A white pool will give the water a sparkling Whitsundays look, while darker colours create water that reflects its surrounds.