How To Lay Timber Look Tiles

How To Lay Timber Look Tiles

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Before proceeding with installation, it is recommended that the installer shows the end customer a representative sample of the tiles to be installed. Mix tiles from several boxes to ensure blending of any inherent shade variation, lay them down in the intended installation pattern without using any grout, and obtain approval.

Amber does not recommend laying timber look tiles in a "brickbond" pattern.

Rather, we recommend an installation pattern which offsets the planks no more than a third up the adjacent tile ie:

  • Max 20 cm for rectangular sizes with 60 cm length
  • Max 30 cm for rectangular sizes with 90 cm length

When laying in a floor situation, Australian Standards require tiles be laid with a joint width of at least 3mm in width.

With large rectangular format & rectified tiles - like Timber Look tiles - it is particularly important to ensure the tiled surface is level (a levelling compound should be considered) & that an adhesive is used which is suitable for laying porcelain & offers anti-slump properties.

Note that all tiles are bowed to some degree. This is a normal result of the firing process. The larger the tile the more pronounced this will be. By following the above instructions, and taking proper time & care with your installation, you will ensure the best & most natural looking result.


Amber recommends products be installed by a professional tradesperson. These instructions are to be used only as guides. Amber does not accept responsibility for any incorrect installation results or improper preparation. For individual advice speak to your local Amber store.