Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas & Designs

Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas & Designs

21 Best Exterior Wall Cladding Designs & Ideas

Whether you’re looking to make the right statement, or you want to create a unique outdoor area that suits your needs and looks on-point year-round, exterior cladding may be the ideal solution. 

With dozens of different types, finishes and styles to choose from, exterior cladding could be the perfect opportunity to help you stand out. 

We've covered some of the best designs and ideas for exterior wall cladding below:

21 Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas & Designs Inspiration

Exterior cladding is a simple yet effective way to completely transform your outdoor space without the costly expense of changing physical walls and surfaces in your space. 

When installed professionally, cladding can be long-lasting and provide extra interest to your property exterior and outdoor areas for years to come. 

Whether you’re looking to put your stamp on a blank outdoor dining space or make the most out of your garden, here are a few exterior wall cladding ideas to consider:

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1. Brick it up

Brick-style cladding is an excellent way to add interest and texture to the exterior of your property while retaining a slightly more industrial feel than ‘cleaner’ materials. Brick cladding can be used sparingly in specific outdoor spaces or applied widely to create a unified look.

2. Go classic on cladding

If you’re all about bringing the old-school back, classic layered-look cladding might be exactly what you want. Mimicking the look and appearance of retro layered cladding, this kind of surface works well as a plain and simple backdrop in areas where you want your furniture or plant life to do the talking.

3. Add rustic flair with timber boards

Timber-look cladding is a popular choice for many Australian households as a way to bring that rustic feel into outdoor spaces. With all the benefits of wood and none of the costly drawbacks, this style of cladding provides the ultimate way to add depth of texture to any spaces and walls outside.

4. Create interest with a feature wall

Not keen on all-over cladding? A feature wall is an ideal way to make a statement and draw the eye in your garden or other outdoor spaces. Common placements for feature walls include pool areas, outdoor decking or in the porch area to add depth and curb appeal to the front of the property.

5. Introduce dimension with subtle texture

If your house is rendered or otherwise created from a smooth, even material, a little texture can go a long way. Cladding provides the ideal degree of roughness to help your property feel less like a blank slate. Whether you choose to go subtle with matching tones or opt for a complementary colour that blends in nicely, getting a little texture can make all the difference.

6. Separate your outdoor spaces

If you have a large, clear outdoor space that feels a little too open, the use of cladding on half-wall, dividers or separators can be the ideal way to section off individual spaces nicely. By adding more of a split between garden areas, it’s far easier to create a garden space that looks and feels more put together.

7. Make your outdoor furniture a feature

Have a spectacular patio set or a BBQ setup that’s your pride and joy? Cladding can be the ideal way to show it off, using strategically placed materials to make the most of the areas you want to draw attention to. Themed cladding works well here, such as ultra-modern cladding to match a modern outdoor dining set.

8. Add height with retaining walls

If your garden needs some extra height or you have space that's less than level, retaining walls and flowerbeds can be the ideal way to make the most of the hillier areas. Using cladding on retaining walls not only provides a cohesive and professional finish but also offers a way to tie in your walls to the rest of your outdoor space nicely.

9. Modernise your pool area

Pool area looking old and tired? Whether your current pool fencing went out of style 15 years ago or you're looking to tie in your pool with other areas of your outdoor space, cladding offers the ideal tools for effective modernisation. Cladding can provide the instant facelift that your pool area needs, from seating areas to poolside fencing and walls.

10. Add old-world charm with stonework

Stonework is a classic choice for cladding, whether you prefer the uniform look or the more random, rustic finish. As the ideal way to add texture and introduce something a little more natural to outdoor spaces, stone cladding is a popular choice without the cost and effort of installing a traditional stone wall.

11. Go hyper-modern with pops of colour

Why go with beiges, greys and whites when there’s a world of colour out there? If you prefer to go against the conventional when it comes to your exterior decoration, cladding is available in a spectrum of deep and vibrant shades for a modern pop of colour.

12. Extend your cladding in covered areas

Outdoor areas with roofing or overhead structures, such as on decking and areas with overhang, can be the ideal candidate for extended cladding. As a way to add length and create interesting shapes, extending cladding across the wall and ceiling is the perfect modern touch to help your outdoor space stand out.

13. Use like-for-like outdoor storage

Cladding isn't just suitable for standard walls. Cladding can also be an excellent option for the vertical storage of plants, tools, and more when utilised correctly. With the ability to add like for like matching hooks and pegs, creating seamless and on-trend storage is effortless with the right cladding.

14. Add vertical lines for extra height

Vertical lines, whether in 70s timber or ultra-modern stone, offers the ideal way to add height and modern flair to outdoor spaces. Vertical cladding is extremely on-trend right now, making it easy to find similarly styled furniture and outdoor accessories to match.

15. Harmonise external structures with matching cladding

Have multiple outdoor structures that just don’t seem to gel together? Whether you’ve introduced a separate office pod or you have an existing pool house or shed that doesn’t match up, cladding can be the ideal way to add a touch of harmony and bring all of our garden structures into perfect balance.

16. Use half-wall cladding for added interest

Half-wall cladding or three-quarter cladding can be an excellent way to carve out specific spaces in your garden without overwhelming your space on pattern or texture. If you already have patterned walls or strong texture, half-walls can be the perfect middle ground to add something extra without going overboard.

17. Go structural with cement-style cladding

Cement-style cladding is more popular than ever before, offering a modern alternative to classic bricks, timbers and stone-style cladding. Perfectly paired with both vintage and contemporary furniture, as well as plenty of greenery, cement-style cladding can bring any outdoor space up to the minute in style.

18. Match flooring and wall cladding for better flow

If you want to take your cladding up a level and make a statement, matching your flooring to your cladding is one of the best ways to add flow organically. Consider either using similar materials or a monochrome colour palette to make the most significant impact and draw attention.

19. Don’t be afraid to go bold

While choosing light, bright, and neutral colours might be the best options for some exteriors, in other cases, bold is the best way to go. Think deep, dark tones and blacks. For spaces that receive plenty of sunlight, darker colours can work well – though you do need to be careful of direct heat and sunlight when it comes to darker tones.

20. Mix and match cladding to add even more texture

Why stick to one texture when you can mix and match? Much like complimentary wall colours or mix-and-match furniture pieces, cladding can be an excellent way to add more texture and interest when you select several different types to use together.

21. Go tonal for a modern twist

A cohesive colour story can be a strong start for your exterior design. Choosing a style of cladding in a gradient of tones, think greys, blues, or browns, can create an organic feeling without your outdoor space appearing too monochrome. You can even pair them next to each other for greater effect.

Exterior Wall Cladding FAQs

What is the best exterior wall cladding?

The best exterior wall cladding is a product that both suits your vision and the requirements for outdoor spaces. 

Exterior garden wall cladding ideas or exterior feature wall cladding ideas in Australia need to meet the needs of our sometimes-extreme climate. 

This requirement makes it doubly important to pick a product that will stand the test of time and look as good years down the line as it does on installation. 

Working with a reputable company for your modern exterior wall cladding ideas can give you the resources you need for the best exterior cladding for your home.

What is the cheapest exterior cladding?

If you want cheap exterior wall cladding ideas with the luxurious look and feel you’d expect, opting for partial cladding or strategic placement could be the ideal middle ground. 

Instead of covering the cost of exterior wall stone cladding ideas on a large scale, choosing exterior feature wall cladding ideas can give you the effect you’re looking for at a more affordable rate. 

Using features instead of all-over cladding can be an excellent way to draw attention to specific parts of your outdoor space.

How do you clad an exterior wall?

The cladding process for exterior wall wood cladding ideas and all other forms of exterior wall cladding will vary depending on the surface that you are applying cladding to. 

For example, smooth exterior walls may require less prep work for installation than rough fencing, walls and panelling in the garden.

 In most cases, plywood sheading is installed, followed by any insulation and membrane required, before the cladding itself is applied.

What is external wall cladding?

External wall cladding is the ideal alternative to more costly structural and textural changes to the exterior of your property. 

Wall cladding can be utilised in a range of different ways to improve the appearance and design of your outdoor spaces. 

Some exterior wall cladding ideas include adding dimension to existing walls of your property, creating diving spaces, or introducing new patterns and textures to exterior walls and garden dividers.

Is Wall cladding expensive?

The cost of exterior stone wall cladding ideas and concepts depends entirely on what you want to do and how you want to do it. 

For example, the cost of extensive use of cladding for dividing walls in your garden may be far more costly than limited cladding used by a pool or outdoor seating area. 

To get a precise quote for wall cladding based on what you need, speaking to the professionals is the ideal place to start.

Do I need membrane under cladding?

Whatever exterior wall cladding ideas you have, you want to ensure your cladding is installed professionally, so it is as long-lasting as possible. 

While many kinds of cladding, including exterior cladding, are very water-resistant and practical for outdoor use, a membrane can protect the surfaces beneath cladding from weather and wear and tear over time.

If you’re unsure how to install exterior cladding, working with a professional team is the ideal solution.


If you're ready to transform your outdoor spaces with high-quality cladding, the next step is picking a professional installer for the job. 

Our team at Amber has extensive experience in installing exterior cladding for a range of different purposes. 

Whether you have an eye for current trends or you want timeless cladding that will look great for years to come, we're here to help. Get in touch today for a free quote for our services or chat through the cladding options available to you.