Best Paver Patio Designs & Backyard Paver Ideas

Best Paver Patio Designs & Backyard Paver Ideas

Best Paver Patio Designs & Backyard Paver Ideas 

Dating back to Roman times, pavers were commonly designed to make travelling across Europe possible. Since then, pavers have become staple elements of elevated backyard living. From backyard stone patio design ideas to stacked retaining walls, pavers come in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes, which allows you to customise your garden space in accordance with your personal style. Having both functional and aesthetic qualities, pavers help to establish outdoor entertaining areas and social spaces, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. 

With warmer weather upon us, we begin to direct our attention from our interior spaces and focus on cultivating beautiful outdoor spaces. One of the best ways to extend our living areas from the inside out is through backyard stone patio design ideas. You can create your own backyard oasis with the extensive range of pavers Amber has to offer. With colours ranging from crisp whites and oatmeals, to terracottas and charcoals, and materials ranging from concrete to limestone, you are guaranteed to find a paver that is perfect for your backyard. If you’re looking for inspiration, there are a range of patio paver design templates and landscaping with pavers pictures on the Amber website. 

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So, why choose pavers over other materials? Well, apart from their style benefits, pavers are also inherently durable, low maintenance, and weather resistant. They are perfect for creating entertainment spaces, cooking areas and framing pools due to their water-resistant and non-slip qualities. Further, there is an incredibly diverse range of pavers available, allowing you to create a bespoke look through your choice in paver sizes, colours, materials and laying patterns. Ranging from limestone, travertine, porcelain and platinum, pavers provide the design freedom to create a look that you love. 

A great patio will allow your outdoor space to be used for entertainment purposes, as well recreation and relaxation, while still maintaining strong aesthetic value. Therefore, a good patio must have the following elements:

  • A strong and durable pavement base

  • An alignment to your interior and outdoor decorative style, including a cohesive colour palette

  • Optimised space to get the most out of your backyard 

  • Increase functionality by opening up the space to a new range of purposes, such as a bar, kitchen and dining area 

Backyard Paver Ideas & Designs Inspiration

In getting started on your new backyard, it’s recommended that you seek the help of a professional contractor that can steer you in the right direction. Having your new pavers installed and fitted professionally ensures an accurate and beautiful finish, with the added benefit of saving you time and effort.  

Pavers have the unique ability to add interest to a backyard space by adding definition, texture, detail and colour. Darker colours will create a contemporary edge, bold colours will brighten, while lighter and neutral tones will keep your outdoor space classic and timeless. 

To help you get inspired about your new backyard space, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite backyard paver ideas: 

  • Step Into It

Using pavers to create stepping stones is a simple way to add interest to your backyard or home entrance, whilst working to visually connect your outdoor area with your interior. Physically acting as a guide for walking, they also protect elements of your garden, such as your lawn, from excess foot traffic … and your grass will thank you for it! For a softer, more natural look, opt for organic and random-cut shapes like the Amber Bluestone Steppers, which are sure to add charm to your garden. For a more modern approach, try more refined, grid-like square or rectangular pavers. 

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  • Poolside Pavers

When paving a pool area, it is integral that durability, functionality and aesthetic value are all equally considered. Porcelain pavers are recommended for paving a pool area due to their UV, moss and stain resistance, minimal water absorption tendencies, as well as their anti-slip nature. This encourages a safe poolside experience, particularly for families with younger children. Plus, they look fantastic! We recommend Amber’s Urban Surface Travertine Classic Porcelain Paver in Ivory to create a bright, fresh poolside look that complements the blue tones of your pool.

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  • Rooftop Paving

With the increased growth in apartment living, downsizing and general urban living, maximising outdoor space has never been more important. For those with a flat rooftop that can be utilised, take advantage of the available space and create a beautiful garden. We suggest a practical system for establishing a rooftop entertaining area by paving on top of speciality paving jacks. These “pods” sit above a waterproof membrane, meaning they aren’t glued or concreted to the roof. This allows all services to continue running under the pavement, and ensure easy access, replacement and maintenance. Commonly a shared space, a paved rooftop area creates a communal melting point for socialising and relaxing. 

The same can be said for the space on a balcony- paving this space allows it to be used for relaxation and entertainment purposes, providing the ideal base for furniture pieces or gardening elements such as pot plants.

 Rooftop Paving

  • Edible Garden Spaces

With an increased interest in sustainability, and the pandemic creating a unified desire to DIY, homegrown produce is on the rise. Adding a vegetable or herb garden to your backyard is an easy and beautiful way to add some colour and diversity to your space. These edible gardens can be grown in pots or planted in a raised garden bed depending on how much space is available in your home. A small herb garden may fit into a pot, while vegetables like cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, and more may need more space in your backyard.  Set aside an area to establish a raised paved garden bed. Consider Amber’s durable yet charming Granite Twilight Grey Cobble paver (on mesh) as the boundaries for such a garden. 

  • Courtyard Expansion

For those with limited space, there is a range of small backyard pavers ideas that will help give you the allusion of a larger space. Using larger format pavers in a lighter-toned colour palette will help to reflect light and make the space appear larger than life. A great backyard paver idea is the Amber Travertine Trojan Edge Paver in Country Mix, which is a neutral, marble paver that comes in a large slab size. Adding textural paver designs to your external walls and adding plants with height will help to complete the space, and focus the eyes upward rather than down and across, helping to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is in reality. 

  • Tuscan Sun Patio

Missing a European summer? Well, why not incorporate the best parts of an Italian vacation into your outdoor space, so you and enjoy the magic all year round? Think climbing vines, terra cotta paver designs and creating a warm ambience through maximising sunlight and adding exterior wall sconces. For some Tuscan-inspired backyard paver ideas, try Amber’s Ledgestone in Sunset Mica or Quadro Terracotta Body Paver, which is lightweight, easy to lay and the perfect colour for a European oasis. 

  • Country Style

For a more raw and rustic approach to a backyard oasis, incorporate cobblestone pavers like the Amber St Tropez paver in Biscuit. Ideal for a cottage-style garden, these free-form, organic coloured pavers create an effortless, lived-in look, and are particularly low-maintenance. The best part of a country-style backyard is that any wear and tear just adds to the rustic character of the space- so you can just set it and forget it. Using an enlarged herringbone pattern will give the paver design a more natural and free-flowing appearance.

  • Experiment with Colour and Pattern

When it comes to paver design, there are a plethora of colour and pattern options. Depending on your space, you can incorporate a simple basketweave or grid design, or opt for a more abstract herringbone or staggered design. Colour is also an easy way to add interest to a space. Whites and neutrals will open up a space, while darker tones and charcoals will modernise and add depth. Layering different colours and tones can create a mosaic effect that offers a harmonious balance that might add just the right amount of interest to your space. For something more classic, try a neutral-toned patio that uses Amber pavers such as the Travertine Trojan Edge in Platinum with the Travertine Trojan Edge in Premium Classic.

Amber Tiles Best Patio & Paver Ideas

  • Paver Lighting

When designing your backyard, it is integral to consider its transition into the evening. A great outdoor space will not only provide a fun and relaxing environment for the daytime, but also create a perfect entertainment destination for those balmy evenings with friends. Adding light fixtures will ensure this transition is seamless, and creates the perfect ambience for entertaining after dark. Consider lights that highlight textured retaining wall pavers, backlit stepping stones or circular lights that sit within your pavement structure. Under-step strip lighting not only looks sleek and sophisticated, but helps to counteract low visibility to ensure a safe outdoor experience at night.

  • Level-Up

Adding depth is a great way to add interest to your backyard, and create the allusion of a larger space. Pavers are a great way to add depth, which can be done through a range of paver designs such as a stacked retaining wall, paved steps or even an elevated fire pit. Each of these elements will help to carve out designated areas in your backyard, such as the elevated paver patio idea with fire pit that will establish an entertainment space centred around warmth. Ultimately, having different levels in your backyard will add interest and give you a variety of purposeful areas to enjoy.

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  • Year-round Entertainment Oasis

A paved patio naturally establishes a base for entertainment, which is particularly useful for the warmer months. Investing in a pergola over your patio will help to weatherproof your outdoor entertaining space, so you can make the most of your backyard year-round. Incorporating outdoor heating, fans, kitchens, bars and fridges will help to complete the space, and allows your outdoor area to become a focal point of your home and withstand any weather. 

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Backyard Paver FAQs

How much does it cost to put pavers in backyard?

The cost of installing pavers in a backyard is entirely dependent on the size of your backyard, the number of pavers required, and the style and size of the pavers. Please feel free to visit an Amber Tiles showroom, and our friendly staff can put together a personalised quote for you. 

Is it cheaper to lay concrete or pavers?

Laying concrete slabs is considered to be cheaper than installing pavers. However, when the concrete is decoratively stamped, they are similar in price. It also depends on the way you would like your pavers to be installed. There are many different formations when fitting pavers, such as a simple stack bond, basketweave, herringbone, staggered placement, and stretcher bond styles. The price of this service will depend on the complexity of the design formation as well as the amount of pavers, and the space you have available. While concrete slabs may be traditionally more affordable than pavers, they certainly don’t offer the same design flexibility as pavers, which offer a range of colours, textures and sizes. 

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How much are backyard pavers?

Backyard pavers range in price depending on the style, size and material you are looking for. Marble, pewter and limestone tend to be priced on the higher end due to their strength, aesthetic value and durability. Concrete pavers are the most affordable option, and at Amber they come in an array of colours ranging from browns, to charcoals, to salmon tones. Our concrete pavers start at just $5.50 per m2. 

What is the cheapest patio paver?

The most affordable patio paver is within our concrete range. At Amber, a cheap patio paver idea choice is the Timberdeck Copper Sett, which is priced at $5.50 per m2.

Can I just lay pavers on dirt?

Laying pavers on unprepared soil is not recommended, as the ground shifts over time which could cause your pavers to move around, sink inwards or even crack. It is suggested to use a levelled road base (about 10-15cm) and sand (about 30mm) as a base for your pavers to prevent damage from weathering and to allow proper draining. Getting in contact with a contractor is the best way to ensure your pavers are installed and fitted correctly, with no damage to your garden or paver itself.  

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Overall, it is clear how beneficial a patio and paving setup is for opening up an outdoor space, and establishing an entertaining hub within your garden. With all of these backyard paver ideas and information regarding individual paving styles, there is something out there for everyone. Whether your style is rustic and inspired by all things vintage, or sleek, edgy with a focus on the contemporary, a backyard patio can be tailored exactly to your needs. 

With a great patio, your garden will be the most sought-after destination for evening cocktail parties and long lunches in the garden. To ensure the best paving situation, it is recommended that your paving be professionally fitted and installed. This way, measurements, pricing and details are all accurate to your initial design. Ultimately if you’re looking to add value to your home, and spend more time in the great outdoors, a patio is the perfect step to finalising your dream home. 

If you have any questions regarding renovation ideas, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of design experts here at Amber.

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