Bathroom Trends - Discover what’s next in 2021’s bathroom design trends.

Bathroom Trends - Discover what’s next in 2021’s bathroom design trends.

Rich Colours - It’s time to step away from clinical whites, greys and beiges in preference for rich, jewel palettes of pinks, greens, blues and blacks to create a unique, immersive experience for yourself and your guests alike.

Feature Lighting - Beautiful lighting is no longer reserved for living areas and bedrooms. Illuminate your entire vision with statement pendants and evocative wall-mounts which fuse functionality with design. Don’t hold back! Advancements in lighting technology are giving the ability to integrate lighting into the architecture in increasingly exciting, effective ways.

The Shape of Things to Come - Now is the time to break the mould. the rectangle subway tile is getting pushed out of the way for funkier shapes like hexagons and scallops. Opting for a shaped tile pattern injects impact without committing to a big colour.

A Natural Setting - Why not surround yourself in natural elements when nature calls? Alongside the stone surfaces we have come to know and love, we’re seeing walnut benchtops, woven natural rattan cabinetry and timber-look tiles are all creeping into bathrooms, adding a sense of organic, resort-style character.

Enduring Marble - For those seeking upmarket impact, the timeless elegance of carved marble’s intricate irregularities cannot be denied. Introduce marble and marble-look porcelain tiles to transform your bathroom into the masterpiece it deserves to be!

Luxe Metallics - Nothing adds a sense of everyday occasion like luxurious gold and brass accents throughout your bathroom hardware. Discover the romantic effect of gold-plating or brushed brass as a glamourous complement to natural stone. Even as a small accent, like the frame of a mirror, brushed brass makes a major impact.

Trendy Terrazzo - For a more directional alternative to classic marble, terrazzo offers an instant injection of inner-city cool. Why not experiment with adding a graphic element to bathroom walls and flooring?