11th Share + Win #lovemyamber promotion - Winner Announcement

11th Share + Win #lovemyamber promotion - Winner Announcement

That's a wrap on number 11! When we started our #lovemyamber competition we had no idea of the number/quality of the entries that we'd be receiving. The entries are always highly varied in their finish and all amazing in their own way. Once again though, it is left up to the judges to complete the impossible task of picking our Autumn 2020 winners. Without further ado our winners are below;

1st  - Mark Allen - Amber Tiles Kellyville

2nd - Holly + Matt Stubington - Amber Tiles Mona Vale

3rd - Rod + Katherine - Amber Tiles Kellyville

Special mention also has to go to the below entries who were very hard to split from our winners.

Special mention - Ray + Robyn Pooley - Amber Tiles Stanmore

Special mention - Alison Green - Amber Tiles Seaforth

Special mention - Sally Scanlan - Amber Tiles Albion

Over the coming weeks, we will be completing the photoshoots of our winners and update this page. Keep an eye out for the start of the next #lovemyamber competition.

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