Driveway Tiles

When planning home renovation, people often overlook the importance of driveways in Australia. The driveway is as important as any part of the house, whether it be the backyard, pool area, or the indoor space. You can mow the lawn and sweep the leaves to keep the front yard picturesque, but nothing beats a newly tiled driveway in pristine condition.

A dull-looking driveway can ruin the overall appearance of your home, as it is the first thing people notice when they approach your property. When you bring your friends and family over, the driveway is key to making a great first impression. A dirty or worn-out driveway could send the wrong message about your beautiful home, particularly when you and your family deserve an attractive welcoming entrance to your living space. As the best driveway tile supplier in Australia, Amber can make your vision for quality living come true.

Amber’s new Bluestone driveway-safe tile will give your home a fresh look, while also protecting both you and your wallet. It features a non-slip finish to prevent skidding, as well as scratch resistance coating to keep it looking new for a long time. At last you can say goodbye to old concrete slabs, because there’s no need for those materials if you have this tile. Our tiles are made from Dense Bluestone with a unique natural stone design of finely grained patterns.

These tiles come in two colours: black and grey. They’re designed especially for driveways as they are driveway-safe for your cars -- but they can also be used for other areas of the house as well. In addition, the tumbled finish and design will give your home a minimalistic, high-end look without breaking the bank.

As kids, we spent most of our time playing outside, but kids today tend not to experience as many moments like that. Yet it is never too late for them; they can still experience outdoor play together with the safety of Amber’s tiles. Amber’s focus on safety is why we use non-slip technology to help prevent accidents and surprises. Families can once again play outside on the driveway without having to worry about a higher risk of hurting themselves. Your kids can really be kids again as they run around on the driveway, blow bubbles, and draw on the tiles with chalk, while you are enjoying your day stress-free.

Our non-slip technology is also essential for those rainy days. After all, you wouldn’t want to slip and fall and get all wet, would you? And during those weekend car washes, you can safely wash your car without having to worry about the danger of slippery tiles. Above all, we don’t want to see you or your family members get hurt, which is why safety is our number one concern.

Did you know that home renovation can produce more waste than building a new home from the ground up? All of that waste goes to the landfill, and more waste equals more environmental damage. Yet we all share our surroundings, and the health of our community is equally as important as our home. Before starting a home renovation, keeping the issue of waste in mind can help you plan and design a more environmentally friendly home renovation.

The first step to becoming eco-friendly is to choose the right approach. Amber has the answer for home renovators who are looking for eco-friendly materials to work with. Amber’s ECO collection features a range of products made from recycled materials. These can match any style and work well in any part of your home, while reducing environmental damage. You can now make your home look amazing without hurting the environment.

Embrace sustainability and stylish living with the newest tile from Amber driveway tile suppliers -- the Italian-made Atelier and Sunrock porcelain collection. You no longer have to compromise style when going eco-friendly.

Our collections are a balance of beauty, style, and durability, all while remaining environmentally friendly. They’re specially made from Italy, with an elegant European design to fit any driveway layout you may have. The highest-quality sustainable materials are carefully selected to craft the tiles, in combination with eco-friendly technologies. Our ECO collection is also certified with the EcoLabel, ensuring that our products are eco-friendly with the least impact to the environment from start to finish of the manufacturing process.

As porcelain is naturally durable, our ECO collection tiles are strong enough to withstand any normal activity in the driveway. If you have a basketball hoop mounted on the garage, you can play basketball with your friends and family all day without having to worry about the tile breaking. Skateboards and rollerblades? No problem. Go ahead and practice all your tricks.

When your renovation is complete, you’ll want to show off your luxurious home, with its driveway made from eco-friendly tiles, and make your neighbors’ heads turn. The beautiful designs of your home do not have to stop at the front door, so let them brighten your front yard and driveway as well. If you love gardening as much as we do, complete the whole look by adding our collection of eco-friendly tiles to your driveway garden. Our collection features versatile tiles for any part of your home, whether it be outdoor or indoor.

If you’re looking for an earthy and timeless look for your driveway, clay brick pavers are your go-to design choice. It’s a basic yet classic design that will never go out of style, and is suitable for all outdoor areas of your home -- especially the driveway.

Don’t underestimate a simple clay brick because it comes packed with a ton of benefits and features. Clay bricks are some of the strongest materials for tiles, as they are durable to withstand any heavy-duty task you put them through. They are cost-effective and very easy to repair, and installation is as simple as replacing an old brick with a new one. In addition, they’re naturally slip-resistant because of their texture. They also maintain their colour very well, even under the hot sun all year round.

So let Amber Tiles solve all of your tile problems. You can turn your dusty old driveway into a brand new driveway for parking, playing, and stylish design. Amber has all sorts of tiles to choose from, and can match any home environment and appearance you are trying to achieve. We have a range of versatile and stylish tiles from our ECO collection to Bluestone tiles. Shop at Amber Tiles, your one-stop solution for driveway tiles in Australia.

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