Urban Surface Carbon – Steve Cordony

You cant beat the look of natural stone, the texture and aesthetic appeal always work together to bring warmth to a space. But the downfall has always, and will always be, the low durability factor. Here’s where a brand new collection of stone-look porcelain tiles comes in. The new Urban surface collection from Amber Tiles has superior strength, low water absorption and are slip and salt resistant so you can use the pavers anywhere from the pool, water features, driveways or courtyards.

Im actually working on a project at the moment and my client loves the product so we are using the Carbon colour for the entire outdoor space from the deck straight into the swimming pool which will give us a contemporary streamlined look that we are going for. We are going to adhere the pavers to the concrete slab with an approved adhesive, which gives superior strength and will last an average of 20 years. Its seriously too easy.

As much as I love moss growing on old stone pavers, this is the last thing we want in the in city pad. Frost and mould are also not going to be an issue as they are resistant.

They come in 600mm x 600mm size and don’t require sealing. The collection is available in 10 natural looking finishes including silver quartz, Sand, Sandy beach and my fave, Carbon.

Aesthetics is one thing, but functionality is another. With Urban Surface pavers, you get both.

Check out the link below to the full range. www.ambertiles.com.au/products/urban-surface/urban-surface