A Clean Process

The ultimate checklist to achieve a breezy bathroom transformation.

About to renovate your bathroom? Heed these 8 handy hints to avoid throwing your time and money down the toilet. We’ll help focus your ideas around style, layout and colour scheme, to save you time and keep your budget in check.

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Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Step 1. Know What you Want
Have a clear and concise vision of your bathroom goals and the budget with which it will be achieved. Understand if it’s a full-scale renovation, a mini makeover, or a fixture and fitting replacement.

Step 2. Do your Research
Taking time to do your research before you begin will help you to plan and budget correctly. This is the most important step to avoid falling into any surprise budget mishaps.
– Do you want to reposition any plumbing?
– Have you seen any leaks or other potential problems?
– Do you want tiles removed and replaced?
– Will you need electrical work?

Step 3. Start Styling
Begin the renovation process with a carefully chosen style and colour scheme. The overall theme of the house should drive this choice to complement the aesthetic look of the interior environment. Once you have some ideas for colour, layout and theme, bring your ideas to life with Amber’s Visualiser tool, available in store and online.

Step 4. Select Your Fittings & Fixtures
When selecting accessories and products, there are many ways to achieve your vision and get the look for less. Keep in mind that choosing a reputable brand will ensure satisfaction with the quality and performance of the products selected.

Step 5. Find a Tradesman
Scour the local newspapers; ask your friends and colleagues, check the Internet for reviews. Google is your friend!

Step 6. Choose a Tradesman
Ask the right questions and ask for references and photos of completed jobs. Are projects completed in a timely and professional manner? Conduct a license check with the department of fair-trading; do they have any existing claims against them? Are they insured? If other tradesmen have been contracted for the project, be sure to stay on top of their credentials too! Most importantly, avoid pressured decisions and take your time.

Step 7. Ask for a Quote
This is an effortless task, so make the most of it! Don’t stop at one, make sure you get a minimum of three or more, but the price alone should not be the deciding factor. When comparing pricing, ensure you’re doing so
on similar products and services. Always ask for itemised quotes, so you can easily cross-check the quality of materials and inclusions.

Step 8. Get a Firm Commitment
Document everything in writing. And ensure the final quote includes an estimated start and finish date.

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