Amber's Extensive Eco Collections

For home renovators looking to reduce their environmental-impact or support the use of recycled materials within their home, look no further than Amber’s range of ECO products and collections. Offering a wide variety of products to suit any home and personal style, Amber’s ECO collections cater to every environmentally-conscious renovator.

Amber recognises the importance of providing environmentally-friendly products to the Australian market.

Amber spends time researching and sourcing products that are either produced using ECO-friendly technologies, have a low environmental impact or use safe, raw materials.

Freestone ECO Retaining Wall System 

Amber’s Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system, is a sustainable, DIY vertical retaining wall manufactured with up to 40% recycled glass aggregate - a by-product derived from kerbside recycling.

Showcasing a unique, smooth-surface finish that shimmers in the light, the Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system is available in three colours with bullnose or square-edge capping to accommodate every outdoor design and landscaping option.

Environmental benefits of the Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system are extensive. Naturally-resourced aggregates, such as sand and metal dust, are replaced in the manufacturing process by a recycled landfill product. Compared to other products on the market, there is up to a 40% decrease in natural resources being used in the production process.

Additionally, due to the cementitious value of the finely-crushed recycled glass, cement usage is eliminated by 10% automatically reducing CO² emissions while still achieving excellent product strength and quality.

Amber’s DIY Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system is a step forward for a greener future.

Easy Lawn

Amber’s Easy Lawn collection allows home owners to experience a lush, vibrant-green lawn all year round - no matter the season! Exclusive to Amber, Easy Lawn is Australia’s best natural-looking, synthetic-grass solution that is non-allergic and soft under your feet – ideal for busy families with children and pets.

Originally introduced to cater to the Australian lifestyle, Amber’s Easy Lawn has a number of environmental advantages;

Reduces water usage as no watering of the lawn is required

Easy Lawn lasts longer than natural grass resulting is less waste product accumulated throughout time

Reduces power usage as no mowing or weeding is needed

Offering a full range of synthetic lawn styles, Amber’s Easy Lawn enables home owners to create an easy-to-maintain, natural-looking outdoor area with less impact on the environment.

Mosaic Resort Collection

Amber’s Resort collection mosaic's allows renovators to create their dream water oasis while being environmentally-conscious. Using 100% recycled glass, the 25x25mm glass mosaics are available in nine bright colours - ideal for every Australian pool.

“The advanced technologies used in the production of the mosaics focuses on minimising the overall environmental impact. 100% post-consumer recycled glass is the main material used in the production process further reducing the consumption of energy generated by 25% and producing zero emissions.

Reflect your style, add a sparkle to your pool and reduce your environmental-footprint with Amber’s Resort collection.

Italian-Made Tiles and Pavers

Amber’s new Atelier and Sunrock porcelain collections combine the latest in European trends with the durable-nature of porcelain.  Perfect for use both inside and outside the house, the Atelier and Sunrock collections add sophistication and elegance to any home environment.

Both collections are exclusively made in Italy using the highest-quality materials and boasting eco-friendly technologies.

The Atelier and Sunrock collections have received the international EcoLabel. This indicates that the entire manufacturing process has low environmental impact and uses environmentally-sound technology.

Amber’s extensive range of ECO collections showcases a variety of environmentally-conscious products applicable anywhere within the home. Providing home renovators with the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact, Amber is the only place that brings it all together.